How To Build a LEGO clothing store

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25 Responses to “How To Build a LEGO clothing store”

  1. theREALare890 says:

    I’ve got a question, can you make an enderman from minecraft?

  2. brickfomula says:

    how to build a football pitch

  3. ashleyismyname4525 says:

    thwREALare890 awwww

  4. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    It’s in the queue

  5. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    Sure’ I’ll add it to the queue

  6. NightlyNewsatNine says:


  7. jakezilla382000 says:

    can you make slenderman

  8. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    I’ll try, added to the queue

  9. iceman26796 says:

    hey nnn.
    can you build a 1:1 scale laptop?
    that would be nice

  10. cainedcorn says:

    merry christmas!

  11. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    That’s a bit too ambitious for me. Lifesize objects are hard

  12. iceman26796 says:


  13. legoharry100 says:

    Go Green!

  14. TanookiToad says:

    can you make link from zelda?

  15. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    He’s in the queue

  16. legobartleby says:

    Cool make more videos!!’

  17. jaizelJ says:

    can you make a sack boy from little big planet

  18. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    He’s in the queue

  19. Nellyfair2 says:


  20. yosepi98 says:

    Can you please make a lego flatscreen tv

  21. michael10561 says:

    can you make a malifios

  22. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    I did. Watch my vide “how to build malifios” or “how to build malifios cubedude”

  23. JYC0411 says:

    How did you get those shirts with the T on it?

  24. NightlyNewsatNine says:

    They are from the old Timecruisers sets

  25. moontheloon518 says:

    I am also wondering if you can build a simple LEGO mall, and a LEGO school bus, thank you !!!!!!1

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