Solar Energy?

Me and my husband is planning to build a new home in Austin TX and we wanted to be 100 free from electric bill using the sun energy. Anybody who have knowledge about PV, Solar Panel please I need your help.

Project Plan: 2500 sqm floor plan
5 bedrooms

What type of PV or Solar Panel Cell we need?
How much do you think it will cost?
Do you know an architect or builder who provide custom plan
Do you know somebody from Austin is using Solar Panel
Do you know local manufacturer that we can contact with?


Green living?

What are some websites that I can go to that show how to go to green living.

Using Stainless Steel or Glass Instead of Plastic

All plastics are not created equal. Most plastics are made from crude oil. Keep reading to learn the differences between plastics, but here at Green Living Central we believe that overall glass or stainless steel is a much safer way to store your beverages and food. We also believe that stainless steal or glass is a greener way to go.

Plastic contains chemical additives, some of this can leach out and you could consume it through your container. There have been reports that this leaching may increase the risk of birth defects, some hormone related illnesses, such as prostate and breast cancers and may cause developmental delays.