Solar Energy – Close To Heaven ( Dennis Dekker Remix )

Artist : Solar Energy Title : Close To heavem Label : solarSwarm Recordings Catalognr : SWARM002 Songs : 04 Source : Genre : Trance Playtime : 00:26:42 Url : TRACKLIST ———- 01. Solar Energy – Close To Heaven (Original Mix) [07:47] 02. Solar Energy – Close To Heaven (Sied Van Riel Remix) [06:02] 03. Solar Energy – Close To Heaven (Dennis Dekker Remix) [04:55] 04. Solar Energy – Close To Heaven (Chillout Mix) [07:58]

15 Responses to “Solar Energy – Close To Heaven ( Dennis Dekker Remix )”

  1. justratedR says:

    MASSIVE! Absolutely love it!

  2. dennisdekkertube says:

    Thanks =]

  3. dennisdekkertube says:

    @justratedR Thanks! =)


    very nice

  5. laurizzz8 says:

    great tune :)

  6. oOADROo says:

    Sweet tune!! Sounds awesome over hear

  7. TranceOpium says:

    sounds awesome over here too =D

  8. oOADROo says:

    @TranceOpium S-S-Sennheiser!!

  9. TranceOpium says:

    @oOADROo Hell yeah LoL
    next buy is the SENNHEISER HD 800 and i dont care if i go broke after LoL =D

  10. oOADROo says:

    @TranceOpium Nice!! i like the once you got i heard there pretty good.

  11. oOADROo says:

    @oOADROo ill probably get a pair

  12. TranceOpium says:

    @oOADROo awesome =)
    just keep in mind that they got no sound insulation there fore they are not made for outdoors , thats explain the big plug on them , have a look at there website they got it all sort out , damn they been around since the early 40s lol

  13. oOADROo says:

    @TranceOpium ill be using them on my HI FI. I heard thay have that old skool paranoid affect were you think someone rang the door bell and you look behind you and nothing there, i love that chit!! haven’t experience that in a long time

  14. TranceOpium says:

    @oOADROo they will do the job for you ! just if you can to try them on before u buy them that will be awesome

  15. oOADROo says:

    @TranceOpium Head phones are always sealed :(

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