2012 Village Green Home Repair Project

Thanks so much for all your help in pulling off a fantastic Home Project this year! We tried something new this year—fixing up the homes of six single moms in Village Green—and it could not have happened without your great help. 63 of our Vineyard family participated in this event and each one of you was a vital part in the success of it. God was truly glorified! Here’s some of what you did for the homeowners in Village Green: Kim’s house: You gave Kim a new front porch, fixed her back steps, gave her a beautiful new kitchen floor (replacing what was only a sub-floor), put hanging bars and shelves in two bedrooms, fixed electrical outlets, lined her bathtub so her family can now take showers, and landscaped her front yard. Wow!! Brandie’s house: You stabilized and painted Brandie’s fence, fixed a broken down shed in her back yard, cleaned up her yard—which included taking down a bunch of poison ivy!—and gave her some beautiful new plants and flowers. You also witnessed to her kids by enthusiastically involving them in the project. Melissa’s house: You stabilized and painted Melissa’s fence, fixed the air conditioner so it now works for her, cleaned up her yard and provided her with some nice new landscaping. Leslie’s house: You fixed Leslie’s falling down fence, and it will be painted next week. You cleaned up her backyard and gifted her with some beautiful new flowers in her front yard. Lucille’s house: Lucille, her two grown sons, and her granddaughter got a brand new

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