Champions of Change: Make It in America

Champion of Change event honors ordinary Americans who are doing extraordinary things in their communities to out innovate, out educate, and out build the rest of the world. November 3, 2011.

24 thoughts on “Champions of Change: Make It in America”

  1. Hundreds of thousands of Libyan children suffer shellshock caused by your orders.

    What are you gonna do about this Mr. President ?

  2. 5:55 – 6:00 If you want to know how to do your jobs better, how about all of you at the table, live in certain words t hat you aren’t familair with? Then you would get the whole picture. Oh then again, who wants to get their hands dirty, while we have machines and temporary jobs lined up for census data and what not.

  3. Champions of Change: helping to transform our whole dollar currency… into change.

    And then apply Obamanomics by sprinkling around that little change and WISH our economy back to normal.

  4. If you GOOGLE “LARRY SINCLAIR” as he talks about Obama’s heavy drug use when Obama was selling CRACk. (absolutely shocking)- The man in office is a smooth talking superslick CRIMINAL that has detroyed his past history (at the cost of millions) he even surrendered his LAW license to avoid investigation- He just lives to lay another CON on America- our government is CORRUPT and I believe LARRY because Obama is a FRAUD who has deceived America-

  5. We’ve had enough change in America. Now… change it back!
    Dump the job killing regulations you’ve created and dump ObamaScare… and stay out of our way. That will be a good start, Obama.

  6. Sounds4theInfowar




    RON PAUL = President 2012-2020

  7. videomakerman1232

    Free trade is what could solve the problem, with fair trade, there’s all these unintended consequences. The freer the market, the freer the people. Our greatest economic booms were when we had free trade. Americans had the highest pays with the lowest priced products. We were not a debter nation.

    We need a return to the free market!

  8. get out of Clintons NAFTA and all the other free trade agreements and level the playing field with fair trade agreements. Quit supporting compaines that use cheap comunisit labor. Quit buying stuff made in China (its hard not to) the repubs and big businesses are supporting the commie labor market. They are pro commie

  9. thechangeling613

    For the Indian technology guru-The first thing YOUR employer did was pass an Executive Order to conceal all of his past. And you say he hired you to “open up the process” to technology. Is this when I laugh, puke or scream?
    100 million dollars in GRANTS for Oligarchs who sit on cash and out source jobs to attend Community College? What these guys wanted to hear you say was there are grants available to help pay for their memberships at Congressional Country Club

  10. @asperin Yes I agree 100%.. it’s sad people would just want to live rich for the moment instead of support their country in the long run ; p but you shouldn’t force them to either

  11. @SevenSwe

    Unfortunately the way of “making it in America” for them is via Protectionism. Forcing people to opt out of an open global economy, unless is regulated/controlled by them.
    Still fails though, it makes Govt and their accomplices(some corporations) way too wealthy(powerful).

  12. BREAKING NEWS: Right now USA/Israel is preparing
    to attack IRAN based on a false flag “mexican-iranian bomb plot”
    inside job that not even the most stupid, gullible and naive
    zombie-sheeple american buys anymore….
    And now saying IRAN has WMD’s (like IRAQ?)
    Is incredible the amount of lies that come out of all those criminals.
    Soon the impeachments will start, and all their minions will come down with them.


  13. Republicans and Democrats are both in the Banksters pockets…
    we need to overcome the left-right paradigm
    republicans and democrats work for the same masters

  14. End the wars…vote for a man with Integrity, not sold to corporate interests.
    Bring the troops home, stop making enemies fighting false flag causes…..
    vote for Ron Paul…

    Please don’t forget to flag and thumb down this video if you want to see our brothers and sisters to come home and stop killing and being killed for the greed of a few people profiting from the wars…Now the kicked out IRAQ troops are being repositioned to start
    WWIII by attacking IRAN.

  15. Enough walking corpses running the country. The sick, old and dying should not be put in charge of power. It can only lead to chaos as they will never have the greater good in mind when making choises.

  16. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhat after how many years you finally realise that you can’t possibly keep a stable ecconomy without producing something? Hahaha THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CHARGE?

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