Club Penguin Cheats – August 2010 Clothing Catalog

The Club Penguin August 2010 clothing catalog is here. Here are the cheats and secrets. TEXT GUIDE TO AUGUST 2010 CLOTHING CATALOG CHEATS BELOW: 1. Click the mountain in the back on Page 3 of the August 2010 catalog. 2. On the same page of the catalog, click the green penguins foot. 3. On the next page, click the tree in the background (as shown in the video). 4. On the same page, click the brown penguins eye. 5. On the next page, click the tree in the background for the 3D glasses. 6. On the same page, click the lime green penguins foot. 7. On this next page, click the two things sticking up at the top of the middle speaker for two separate items. Click the top of the speaker on the right for another item. 8. On the next page, click the speaker on top left corner of the book. 9. On that same page, click the piano for another item. 10. On the next page, click the “THING” behind the green penguins blue mow hawk. 11. On that same page, click the black penguins nose for another item. 12. 3 pages later, click the bubble at the very bottom for the red viking helmet. Open and close the viking helmet 4 times for the blue viking helmet. 13. On the next page, click the grapes behind the green penguin for an item. 14. On the next page after that, click the red curtain behind the pink penguin for an item. 15. 2 pages later, our last secret is hidden behind the penguin in knight armor. Click the brick wall behind him. And that wraps up this month’s catalog. ­čÖé I do not own the music

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  1. Copy´╗┐ this message´╗┐´╗┐ and spread´╗┐´╗┐ it to 10 different´╗┐ videos. Then log on the´╗┐ Club´╗┐ Penguin,´╗┐ and´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ press´╗┐´╗┐ F5.´╗┐ After you´╗┐ press´╗┐ F5, log back´╗┐ on´╗┐ and´╗┐ your´╗┐ a FREE´╗┐ MEMBER for 12-24 years´╗┐

  2. Thanks So Much! I Didn’t Know´╗┐ The one when you click on the penguins beak for the pink stuff…. I Can’t Thank you Enough!

  3. @TheSuperpoopoo123 don’t think´╗┐ i only made 2 vids-check out tancana1 because thats my account too!23 vids!

  4. @TheSuperpoopoo123 yeah im drifterkidz!have you taken a´╗┐ pic yet and whats your website called

  5. @TheSuperpoopoo123 ok blizzard and you’ll se me there´╗┐ so then you can do ”penguin of the month”

  6. TheSuperpoopoo123

    @drifterkidzonCP when i see you ill take a picture of your penguin ok! wear anything´╗┐ you want!?

  7. TheSuperpoopoo123

    @drifterkidzonCP btw my name on club penguin is poopoo0 dont ban me because this morning someone banned me because of my name they broke in my igloo lol and reported me dont report me cos i have a bad penguin name cp let me´╗┐ have this name???

  8. @TheSuperpoopoo123 now?im on rocky road by the way do this at two:

    pengarty’s big party-UK time 2:00pm server:blizzard description:pengarty and his other best freind will be attending´╗┐ watch his channel+we’ll record spread the word spread it spread it!

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