How to Make a Hoop House or Green House for Cheap.

Here’s another idea on how to make a nice green house on the cheap. Check out these GREAT channels on youtube:

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  1. you’re very detailed about how to build this greenhouse. I live it.

    thank you very much

  2. did it the same as you show,but later wanted it stiffer.the 3 long boards was not good enough,it was still moving to much in the wind and heavy I went and got joints and glued it next one I want higher and with better grade plastic.I have to think of a better way to lift it or open the ends.hoping it last the entire winter here in upstate new york. thx for such a simple and cheap green house.

  3. I have a raised bed 2 ft high out of cinder block. I like this idea now I can get earlier start out of garden w/o expense of greenhouse. I have invested a bit to build raised bed 4 x 16 ” but love the results. have never walked on dirt. Will be going to builders supply to get items. Thanks great job and demo.

  4. i think that may be mold on the plant honestly.. at around 85 to 95 degree temps especially when the air is very humid and still, you will see m old on your plants.. it can actually make ya feel kinda sick.. at least thats how it worked with the plants i grew..

  5. @Xblade1314 In my climate the spinach has always made it through the winter. I usually stop watering in mid-Nov. when hoses freeze up. I don’t water until early spring. I haven’t had problems with die off, but the plants become essentially dormant and stop growing. Not a problem since I can cram a fair amount of spinach in a 4×8 raised bed, and have plenty to munch on throughout the winter. – I’ve tried this with chard without success. I think I’ll try kale since that seems pretty tough.

  6. @alphacat1 You put straw all around your plants while in the hoop house and it keeps them warm enough in the winter time? When you open up the hoop house to water the plants in the winter, is there risk for frost or maybe the water freezing?

  7. Try using zip ties instead of wire to connet your top pipe.. It’s easier and can be trimed to save your tarp. Connect underneith the pipe, so no rough edges. Great job!

  8. BuddyClubGardening

    I was going to start some spinach and lettuce tomorrow in seed trays and get them into the garden shortly after. I’ve not taken my spinach past November. You have given me inspiration.

  9. One additional use of the hoop house. I live in Jefferson County, WI which I’m sure has the exact same weather as you. I plant spinach in one of my raised 4×8 beds towards the end of August. When the weather gets cold in November I use a lot of straw for mulch and protection and set up my hoops and plastic. I literally have fresh spinach all winter, and come early spring will harvest and can what’s left over before it bolts.

  10. I also have a similar hoop house for a 4 x 8 raised bed, but do things a bit different. I use 2 x 4 fencing wire over the hoops. This gives it great support. Also, when the tomatoes, cukes and peppers get larger the fencing adds additional support to the plants as they grow through the fencing. The length of each set of hoops is 3 feet, because this is the width of the fencing. I can move the whole setup pretty easily to weed/mulch etc. Like your idea of the spring clamps.

  11. It looks like your tomato plant have been eaten by some sort of pest. Try planting basil around your tomato plant. Also, if you’re growing organically, use Neem oil as a pesticide. It is organic.

  12. This is a great idea. I just built my raised garden. And now I know how to build the hoops for it. Thanks for posting.

  13. when i was about 10 years old we used to make chicken/guinnea coupes out of pvc. just made the entire frame (hoop style) was a good 20ft by 12o15ft , skinned in chicken wire (a 2nd skin on lower 2-3ft was a denser weave to protect against scavengers, or chicks getting out). think we used zipstrips & twistties to secure the skin. staked it into the ground. even the doors were PVC

  14. Thanks the design fits well in my back yard and fits my budget. I live in central Florida and it can get cold at night during the January months. I will be experimenting on how long to keep my green house top on. Thanks for the input.

  15. @kctpac

    If you made a solar hot water collector, would it be too warm for the roots? I guess my question is, how warm of water can plants stand?

  16. dont use wires use….DUCT TAPE!!! got a million uses plus it’ll hold the pipes in place better.

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