I am currently living in the USA with a Green Card. I would like to travel around the world. What do i need?

I know that I can obtain a Travel Passport For 1 year for 0.00. Can I travel with just a green card?
Also can i travel to Hawaii since its the USA with just a green card?

4 thoughts on “I am currently living in the USA with a Green Card. I would like to travel around the world. What do i need?”

  1. You need a valid passport from the country of which you are a citizen.

    A Green Card is an internal USA document that is in no way comparable to a passport.

    Nations outside the United States pass their entrance requirements on your actual nationality not your work status in the USA.

  2. You should be able to travel anywhere in the US and its trerritories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) with no problem.

    As far as what you need to travel outside the US, some of it depends on where you’re traveling. Visit the US State Department website for what you need to travel to your destination.


  3. I would consult with the countries you intend to visit; however, a valid passport maybe a good idea; but it may not work everywhere, ASK.

  4. Your green card is proof that you have a right to enter the U.S as a Permanent Resident (not just a vacationer). What you need to do is get a passport from the country where you are a citizen and travel with that as if you never lived in the U.S. Your green card would only come into play upon your return to the U.S.

    The reason is when traveling on a passport you are allowed a certain number of days in the country you are visiting (they don’t care if you have a green card, just your passport will do). But when you get home you will be staying and not visiting so you would need to show your green card. If you just entered the U.S. on your foreign passport you would be considered a visitor and your stay would be limited but if you show your green card (returning to the U.S.) then you would be able to stay as a resident.

    For Hawaii your travel would be the same as if you were just driving into a bordering state. You would need a driver’s license as ID. Your green card is not necessary but it is a good form of ID.

    Now, keep in mind, many countries allow you to travel on your passport alone (like Mexico, England, and Canada **there are much more than the three mentioned here), but some countries require you to apply for a Visa in order to obtain permission to enter (like China). A Visa is not your credit card. A Visa is given to you stating your purpose for visiting that country. Some people have Work Visa’s (their company transferred them to a certain country and they will be staying longer than those entering the country for vacation only), others have Student Visa’s (like students coming to America for College), then of course there is just the Travel Visa. Be sure to find out if the country you plan to visit requires a Visa before you leave, Visa’s take several weeks to process. To apply for a Visa you will need to state you intent and travel dates and send it in, along with your passport, to the embassy of the country you wish to visit. The embasy’s of other countries are located here in the U.S. **not all countries require a Visa. Check with your travel agent.

    Again, your green card really has nothing to do with your travel plans. You will just need to get a passport from the country you are a citizen and travel as anyone else from that country would do. Your green card is only necessary to prove your right to re-enter the U.S. when you are done traveling.

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