I painted my living room a sage-life shade of green. I have dark wood furniture. What color couch should I buy

The room is Kennebunkport Green with white trim. The existing furniture I have is dark brown – i need to buy a couch, coffee table, and media center. what color should my couch be? and where do i get one that’s contemporary yet comfortable?
Sage-like! Not sage-life!

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  1. Kennebunkport Green (Benjamin Moore) is a light green but it does have some intensity. For that reason, I’d go with a light natural or very pale linen color. It would have the same sort of feeling as this room pictured here
    and that particular sofa has some lovely clean lines that would work in a contemporary setting with the right occasional pieces paired with it.

    Another good source is West Elm or lesser known Room and Board

    Good luck!

  2. i would say white to lighten it up a bit. as long as it has removable covers you can wash. will look lovely, and some brown or green beaded cushions.

  3. I also have a sage colored family room and I also like a contemporary,and iam fortunate to work with designers on a weekly baisis so i asked them and here is what happened, I got glass topped coffee table and end tables with legs that matched my dark wood trim, since my carpet is light they worked wonderfully, then most contemporary design is somewhat monochromatic , my couch ,love sear and chair are all of the same fabric which is a beige color with a subtle pattern of color and those colors in the pattern are the sages and the browns of the wood and coffee table legs, but the pattern is so subtle is is not at all distracting ,it is all very monochromatic ,and the contrast in the room(typical to contemporary design) comes from art and acessories ,which are minimal and strategically placed around the room.

  4. I would go with something that is going to contrast the color on the wall so that the room isn’t to dark. If the room is small then I would go with a cream color or pale yellow, something like that. If the room is larger you could go with an eggplant or maroon color.

    If you are going for contemporary I would suggest the cream or eggplant. The yellow or maroon may give off to much of a country cottage look if the shape of the couch isn’t comtemporay enough. Also, if the room is large enough you could go with black leather but you want a good size room for this.

    Ikea has reasonably priced furniture and most of it is contemporay but I am not sure about the quality. I would try someplace like Rooms To Go, Havertys or The Room Store. They will have a large selection of different styles and multiple choices in what ever style you choose.

    If you are just wanting to add to your existing furniture then I would definately go with either cream or black leather that way it doesn’t blend in, but won’t stand out to much.

    Good Luck and have fun shopping!!!

  5. I’d go with burgundy for the sofa and walnut for a coffee table.

    You can try your local furniture warehouse store for the pieces.

  6. I think an eggplant color, would look great against the green wall. You can try Levitt’s, or Macy’s, J. C. Penney’s, Ikea, Fortunoffs.
    Roma Furniture.

  7. IKEA. Traditional decorating would say get something next to sage green on the color wheel, in the same tone, or across the color wheel in the same tone. For a room, go same color, different tone, like a darker sage couch, with lighter sage pillows.
    Do whatever looks good to you. Who cares what anybody else thinks if it looks good to you? The living room is yours.

  8. Wow your living room sounds a lot like mine! I just bought couches too! I went with an olive green. It is so dark that it almost looks brown. I could not be happier! Ashley furniture is soooo nice. That is what I went with. Almost everyone who sells couches will have this brand.

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