Living in an ineligible country and applying for a Green Card? ?

I was born in Poland but I have both British and Polish citizenships. UK and Poland are the only countries in Europe that are ineligible to apply for a green card. Does this mean that I have absolutely NO chance for receiving a green card or just living legally in US? Right now I’m 14 but if I make myself highly educated and become a teacher (a very desirable job in US) will I get a chance? Thank you.
Even if they are ineligible for the green card lottery, then how did I manage to watch an actual TV programme about Poles winning the lottery, like four years ago?

2 thoughts on “Living in an ineligible country and applying for a Green Card? ?”

  1. Poland citizen could have been eligible 4 years ago. Every year eligible countries changes slighlty. For instance, for past couple of years Russia was ineligible, but for 2010 Russia citizen became eligible.

  2. They’re not ineligible for a green card, only ineligible to enter the green card lottery.

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