Peter Green´s Fleetwood Mac Coming Home

Great Blues Song

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  1. The world should always have at least one Elmore James, and it can’t be Elmore himself. Lil’ Ed Williams plays a “fun” version of the James style. // Robby MacIntosh plays/played with Mayer..also the Pretenders, Mark Knopfler, & Paul McCartney. Trucks / Allman ,etc, aside from being more original, never really played in the James tradition in the first place. It’d be shame to lose it.

  2. The earliest Green/Mac stuff was almost painfully sparse because of Spencer’s no-play attitude. Luckily, Peter was so good you can focus on him & nothing else matters. Danny Kirwin was added so Peter could get some backup. I love all the original band’s stuff, but my favorites, the really magical, personal, original, not quite straight blues material Peter Green evolved to do is the sound of Green & Kirwin. Spencer might be playing maraca.

  3. FlightoftheSpeedKing

    That quote would be perfect, if not for the fact that Jeremy Spencer is the man doing all of the slide guitar in Fleetwood Mac…but I’m sure that’s been said a hundred times.

  4. Nightlite35: You would really need very good proof of such an accusation,other than because you “heard it somewhere”

  5. aye but whats the truth is that you beliving what the paper says or whatever, is it just a scandal to sell?im no cult fan lol but their surely not all nutters

  6. Oh come on, he joined children of god, now known as family international. Do your research.

  7. I do not think anyone knows this but i have seen a Newspaper headline that said Jeremy Spencer..NEVER.Played on a Fleetwood single. Jeremy wanted to play Elmore James stuff. But I do rate the man for his slide playing. . But Peter wanted to move on with the Blues
    music, to expand his music . All Jermey wanted to do was play Elmore James. A year or so before Peter left he wanted more input from the other group members., it did not happen, of he went to do his own thing.

  8. what you saw them live! Was that in london? Ah man, I’m so bloody jealous, my mum grew up in the 60’s in richmond and saw ALL the bad boys, waters, stones, fleetwood.. you name it, it was at eelpie island! I was born in the wrong era, lame. Seeing peter green next month in London though! get tickets while you can! One off london show! plus he looks ALOT better nowdays

  9. I saw Jeremy playing in a band at Seward Park in Seattle, 1970, soon after joining “the children of God”. I asked him how he tuned his slide guitar. “E majah” is all he said.

  10. i just feel he never really tried to do anything more than the E.James stuff, maybe he didnt feel as if he needed to because of the other to guitarists but i just feel there were and are better ones out there . . .. .Warren Haynes . . . Derek trucks . . . . Oh yea and that guy who playes with john mayer . . . . not sure of his name but he has got a sweet touch.

  11. I have seen Jeremy Spencer play slide. I can not figure how you say he is useless.
    Aged 18 he had such touch. No inhibitons about his singing at all. John Mcvie said he was the best Enlish Slide Guitar player he had seen. But no Disrepect to you. Its all about opinions. I heard in 1968 Fleetwood Mac Play live at the BBC. They were as good as anybody live. and i include the Beatles in that also

  12. Yes, that’s him.
    Funny thing is that Jeremy hated to play on any of Peter’s songs.
    Most of the times he refused to do so, whereas Peter played rhythm guitar on Jeremy’s numbers without any objections.
    When you hear slide guitar numbers from Fltw. Mac. , nine out of ten times it’s Jeremy.
    He also did a lot of Elvis and other R&R singer imitations during life performances.
    Hardly ever a song of his own making.

  13. Jeremy Spencer was obsessed with Elmore James and i know for a fact that Elmore did this song so it’s safe to say that it is Jeremy Spencer playing slide guitar and singing. Also if u watch any footage of them playing this song live u can see Peter Green playing the rhythm guitar and Spencer on slide and vocal duties.

  14. Never mind mate,the gate was open all night and the horse is 20 mile’s away now.
    it appear’s I misunderstood the comment slidestr has deleted,nothing to worry yourself about.
    I’ll delete my reply and we can get back to appreciating the music

  15. Peter certainly did play slide excellently ,but not on this track ! He also played fine harmonica,and bass on occasions, during his time with Fleetwood Mac(but never any keyboards as far as I know .but of course Jeremy did play the piano with FM ).

  16. JasonNorthBlues

    Jeremy Spencer sing and plays the slide guitar on this track. Peter Green played rhythm guitar… very well.

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