RECIPE / NOTES / LINKS? ➜ JUST CLICK THE ” ︾ ” BUTTON OVER HERE ➚ * *LOU CORONA’S Recipe E-Book http *SHOP *BLENDERS http *ENZYMES *NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS http *PROBIOTICS *SHOP in our amazon store http *AMAZON direct shopping *GIFT us http *FACEBOOK me *LOU CORONA’S Recipe E-Book http *TO ORDER REALLY RAW ALMONDS cost is for a 5 pound bag INCLUDING shipping! e-mail Bruce, the almond guy (he NO longer uses hotmail) OR call (949) 922-0919 & please tell Bruce that Dan sent you! ❤ GREEN SMOOTHIE made w/ RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT ❤ * I ngredients * — 2 cups RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT ( see the recipe video for that right here! ) — 1 bunch CILANTRO — 1 bunch SPINACH — 1 AVOCADO — 1 MANGO, roughly sliced — OPTIONAL: 1 HABANERO PEPPER — Dash of HIMALAYAN SEA SALT — ¼ cup NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS from NCP (Natural Choice Products) http — 1 THAI YOUNG COCONUT WATER * P rep * — 1) If you haven’t already, you must first make at least 2 cups of RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT by following the recipe in this video: — 2) Toss the RAW LIVING COCONUT ALMOND YOGURT, CILANTRO, SPINACH, AVOCADO, MANGO, HABANERO PEPPER, HIMALAYAN SEA SALT & NUTRITIONAL ESSENTIALS into your Vita-mix blender, or whatever blender is the best

25 thoughts on “SUPER GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE! ~ LOU CORONA ~ Raw Living Food Recipe”

  1. hey whats up whew! give me one million dollars so i can eat this shit ery day lolololol jp whew!

  2. I am so vey new to all this green smoothies stuff and I’ve been wondering around YouTube for a couple of weeks if not longer and I see that all of you r so supportive of each other. I am 54 years old and never heard of a green smoothies so I bought me everything I need to get started and I began with 1 smoothie a day and I already feel the difference WOW! I never eat fruits and vegys but I do now. Thanks Dan and Krista and all of the raw food community. This really changes peoples lives.

  3. Interesting comments here about Natural Hygiene.I originally discovered Natural Hygiene at the Shangri La in Bonita Springs, FL. It was in the early 70’s when Dr Cheatham was teacher/owner.He sold Dr Sheldon’s books at the Shangri La bookstore. I had a great collection going.I loaned an ex-boyfriend my box of Natural Hygiene books.
    I asked for them back one day, to find they were thrown out the window of his fast moving red Volkswagon. This was 1975 in Florida. Has anyone found them yet?

  4. Hey Dan – Just thought I would share a couple of websites that are really wonderful. The Ascended Masters Gifts (Facebook) The Rose of Light Academy, Childrenofthesun1. Lots of wonderful Enlightement.

  5. @Organicrevolution

    Just curious how is your current diet different than 80 10 10 , and have you experimented yet with Culturizing your nuts and seeds like Corona does ?

  6. @Organicrevolution

    i used to be a huge collector and seller of rare Original Natural Hygiene books and Magazines and i remember seeing Doug Graham in their official magazine titled ‘ Health Science’ from the 1980s and early 1990s and he looked ALOT better than he does now, he aged ALOT in the last 15 yrs or so !

    if you ask me , He currently looks like hes 70 ! But i hear his fitness level is excellent

  7. @Organicrevolution

    Thanks, theres a guy on here called The Fruitarian who claims he can Run on the 811 diet for like 150 miles a week and experiences NO muscle soreness and says hes in super health.

    Did you experience any sort of Dental Troubles on that diet ? i know many Natural Hygienists have horrible decayed teeth eating this way

  8. Organicrevolution

    @Organicrevolution I agree that Doug Graham is not the picture of health his followers would love to believe he is. In his defense, he claims that he has always looked older than his age and it’s a “genetic” or family thing. I believe Doug has a pretty big ego and would rather die or continue to mislead his followers than to admit that he might be wrong or that it’s not a long term solution to optimal health

  9. Organicrevolution

    @LegPains lfrv = low fat raw vegan. It’s basically fruitarianism with some added greens and veggies and very little added fats. Doug Graham and his most devoted followers @ wwwDOT30BananasadayDOTcom have become the outspoken voice of the diet. The lfrv “bible” is Doug’s book “The 80 10 10” diet. Some people are finding much benefit to following the lfrv diet. Personally, the diet is not for me but that is not to say that it doesn’t work well for others, at least in the short term…

  10. @liferegenerator

    when you are culturizing the nuts and seeds and you let them sit on your counter at room temp for a few hrs , what do you cover the container with to keep insects or bugs away etc. ?

    Can it have to be a standard solid Plastic cover on top of the container or is it better to use some type of Screen to allow air flow to get in ?

  11. Organicrevolution

    @723465 Agreed. I’m actually a member of 30bad…Truthfully, I’m passed the point of even wanting 2 eat all that fruit, even if it believed it is the best diet 4 some. Thankfully 4 me and others who feel lfrv is not their ideal diet, there is more than 1 way /diet 2 experience amazing, long term health. True health is MUCH more than just diet. Look @ some Asian or other longevity cultures. They don’t eat lfrv & many still manage to live very healthy, disease free lives well into their 100s.

  12. @mucharolller I bought the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-…

    I did a lot of internet searching to see what looked like the best juicer. It seems like Dan the Man already had them picked out on his youtube channel links.
    See his youtube channel. Or here is the link to Dan’s juicer store thing.
    I saw other juicing people raving about it too.

  13. @mrlowdangle Come on, you can do it. Bananas with lettuce smoothies, oranges with spinach smoothies. It’s easy! I wish you the best 🙂

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