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Cornerstone Building system wins Master Builders DBH Best Sustainability Award less than 0K & Pink Batts Energy Efficiency Awards. Alan Baddeley of Future Homes NZ Ltd represents Cornerstone Building system as the Licencee for the Taupo District, where he also won the Nu look Windows builders own home award. See for more information on this innovative building system, other area Licencees, plus many testimonials. Floor plan of this home http

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  1. CornerstoneSIP

    Archer Canobra has made a comment on Sustainable Home:

    Research has shown in all conceivable areas that living in a large house is unhealthy. Small and sustainable building is the wave of the future. Less is more!

    I agree small is better! Until others catch on to this concept as helping the outcome of Mother Earth, then lets at least all make some effort toward sustainable living. As we all become more aware we hopefully make the appropriate changes. Thanks for your comments.

  2. CornerstoneSIP

    Thanks Kenny feel free to share it out there so that we can make a difference…

  3. CornerstoneSIP

    EPS can be made from many sources, the polymer is found in wood waste & orange peel for example and the way of the future. The bead is the only part to transport which is currently a waste product in the manufacture of oil is 2% of the product the rest is air expanded with steam. We process at its closest point to end use by agreement with existing factories to be sustainable.The USA Life Cycle Analysis report concluded that EPS polystyrene used in building is the easiest way to save the Planet

  4. CornerstoneSIP

    “New Zealand Master Builders Association” gave the title “The  Best Sustainable Home less than $500K” by the NZ Dept Building & Housing. The Pink Batts Altra “Energy Efficiency ” Award was the 2nd National award.
    A sustainable structure is 1 which will not break down for intended life of building. Cornerstone structure is 90% EPS polystyrene & 10% reinforced concrete with a min R value 4.3degC. Study in USA on energy & Greenhouse gas savings the LCA of EPS proved to reduce gases for building

  5. Don’t confuse energy efficiency with sustainability, you must look at the life cycle of the materials and methods, this is massively relient on fossil fuels, which aren’t sustainable both for manufacture and transport… look into the future where these is no longer an option…

  6. The link to the plan of this house, which is 335m2 is under newsletters on the 4-cornerstone site if it doesn’t work.
    Thank you for your comments which I absolutely agree with, “back to simple life” is the concept I personally believe in and advocate to clients
    This home was designed & built by a Cornerstone Licencee for the NZMaster Builders competition a few years back and I believe there are many more folk now sharing the sustainable ideals looking back to past practices which include food.

  7. backtoasimplelife

    $500,000 is not affordable to average homeowners. Why not develop something that is much more affordable. With that kind of money, you should easily be able to build 5 sustainable passive solar homes.
    No need for a septic system if composting toilets are installed. Simply install a greywater system instead.

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