I want to know more about Green Living…..?

As a Christian(Cross-Bearer), I want to be a good steward of God’s Earth. So what kinds of things can I do to be a better person for green living. Explain what it is…per say….and some help in areas of change. Thanks
I already recycle what i can and I am very much a conservative with my utilities. I hang my clothes instead of using my electric dryer, have turned down my electric water heater, and stopped using my A/C…My electric bill was out the roof.
I saw this on another question and this answer belongs to PENNY….thanks penny for your answer.

I currently do all these, except i do run a little water while i brush my teeth. I tried to turn it off, but I kept turning it on and off…..Thanks again Penny what you are doing….

I have energy efficient light bulbs.

I have a canvas bag I keep in the car when getting a small amount of groceries.

I recycle paper, glass, and plastic – I even take the papers from my classroom home to recycle them.

I have energy efficient appliances and windows in my home.

I only do full loads of laundry and dishes – I dry a LOT of my clothes on the line.

I never leave the water running.

I have an programmable thermostat in my home.

I always turn off the lights, tv, computer, etc.
Except this…..I have an programmable thermostat in my home.

However, my mother lives in another town and I recycle her stuff too and bring it to my town instead.

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