Eco Apparel Spring 2012 – Eco-Apparel by Amour Vert

ECO APPAREL – – Amour Vert [amur vɛr] Join 1000’s of Eco Conscious Women by purchasing only Eco Apparel. Go to http & check out our latest collection! We provide FREE SHIPPING& Returns! Call us at: 855-ECO-MADE E. Sales Department. Amour Vert is an eco-conscious fashion line based in the California Bay Area. Our Parisian Founders inspire Amour Vert’s chic and affordable urban apparel with designs originally conceived of in Paris. Catering to the fashionable and environmentally-conscious woman, we source only the best organic and sustainable fabrics from around the world. Our styles range from the casual and fun to the sophisticated and elegant. But what unites them all is that they are solely produced with loving care in the United States. We design and produce all of our collections with the philosophy that the modern woman should not have to sacrifice style for sustainability, to look and feel her best. We love the earth we wear. Amour Vert 430 Sherman Avenue Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 94306 Twitter: Youtube: Blog: Pinterest: Eco Apparel

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