Built green Shipping Container Homes

Here is a collection of some homes built from shipping containers. They are standard 8’wx 8’6 to 9’6 hx 20 to 40′ length. They costs on average between free and 1400 but usually around 1000 bucks each. Then shipping and a crane service is about 800 total depending where you live. There is a insulation spray thats used on space shuttles you spray on the outside thats thin like paint. You would also want to probably add siding/paneling and maybe a flat roof with overhang if you live in a rainy environment. For the inside walls you can be furred out with 1x1s or 2x4s with drywall. Also cover the floor with osb board and add floor covering of your choosing. Overall you can get a good sized home with 4 40′ containers fully done inside and exterior (windows siding etc) for about 10k done nicely if you do the work yourself after the containers are placed on your foundation. Remember city building departments require a basic architectural set of drawing wet stamped by an engineer for approval usually.

Built green Shipping Container Homes