Dead Rising 2 – Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (All Clothes) Part 2

92 different clothes are scattered in fortune city and waiting for you to collect them. With this visual aid it’ll be a task of minutes. You can collect the clothes in multiple playthroughs but on one savegame only (you can use all 3 saving slots and restart the story). This videoguide consists 2 parts. The first one is over 9 minutes long and reveals the first 50 clothes. The second one will show up the rest (42 clothes) and is over 7 minutes long. There are 2 clothes that can only be reached during the story / a secret event. It’s a question of #90 (yucatan casino, during case 3-2) and #92 (secret event starts at 9/27: 6:00 AM). Especially the last one is a bit tricky, remember that only 8 survivors / psychopaths can spawn at once! If there are too many other persons on the map this event can’t start. Do all side missions that are available during this time and save or kill all hidden survivors (3 poker players in atlantica casino, 1 survivor in south plaza). Special clothes (gained from multiplayer / story…) are not required for this trophy / achievement. Have fun with getting all clothes – it’s even more fun with a co-op partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Me: http Contact Me: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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