In 180 Seconds: What’s a Green Home and why we need it?

Dream of a beautiful independent home you will one day build to live in? Can it have all the comforts you want and be kind to the environment too, and within your budget? Yes, says Chitra Viswanath, Co-Founder… Read More

Awesome Built Green Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers can easily be converted for use as an office or a home. They can be connected together, siding added, interior furred out walls for insulation, 2×4 roof, plumbing, electricity, etc. They can be purchased anywhere from… Read More

Eco Apparel Spring 2012 – Eco-Apparel by Amour Vert

ECO APPAREL – – Amour Vert [amur vɛr] Join 1000’s of Eco Conscious Women by purchasing only Eco Apparel. Go to http & check out our latest collection! We provide FREE SHIPPING& Returns! Call us at: 855-ECO-MADE… Read More