Sustainable Living – Practical Eco-Friendly Tips for Green Living and Self-Sufficiency Sustainable living or some like to call it “green living” allows for a natural and as much as possible eco-friendly lifestyle. But this involves being educated on what it all means and finding out as much as possible about how to actually do it and make it a way of life. The book “Sustainable Living – Practical Eco-Friendly Tips for Green Living and Self-Sufficiency in the 21st Century – [Special Edition Collection]” covers a wide variety of subject matters to get you on the path to a healthier and eco-friendly environment. It’s kept basic enough so that it’s educational, interesting and easy to understand; including pictures and illustrations. There are things mentioned that you probably weren’t aware of which I think makes it a fun read. That’s why I suggest reading every chapter; even the ones that you don’t think you have an interest in because you’re going to be surprised and learn something that can be shared with someone else you know. It inspires you to try doing some of the things mentioned. And there are many references and sources to help you do that. If you’re committed, self-sufficiency is a wonderful thing. Organic living and do-it-yourself methods is achievable. Visit Sustainable Stevie’s page to whet your appetite at Please Like, Share, Thumbs-Up or Google+1 if you enjoyed the video. (background music came from Van Kloot at