Would this be an example of green living?

If I were to move to my cabin that I have in the mountains. This cabin is nice and rather remote. It has no plumbing. It is not wired for electricity. It has a wood burning stove and fireplace for cooking and heat. I use lanterns for light. Solar power won’t work because of the tall pine trees that block the sun. I can use a horse to get around instead of a vehicle. Some of my food needs can be taken care of by fishing and hunting. I usually spend about two weeks there every summer. I’m not real sure if I would want to live like that all the time unless I really had to. How would this be for green living? Living in that cabin is almost like going back in time a hundred years or so. How would you like to try that out?
Water comes from a well nearby. The old hand pump type. The outhouse is in back. No bath or shower but there is a lake not far to the west.
A wood burning stove and fireplace is the only option here and the most practical fathead. Consider the remoteness of the cabin.
The outhouse is OK. The water supply is better then most and far better then what you get in the cities. Never use soap in the lake.