Living Green in an RV?

Why is it everyone thinks that RVing and living green are oxymoron’s?

Lets look at a few details here.

1. RV’ers conserve resources better
2. RV’ers are the biggest users of solar
3. RV’ers use natural gas witch burns clean
4. RV’ers tend to drive for better fuel economy
5. RV’ers use less water, electricity
6. RV’ers tend not to buy stuff that they don’t need
7. They live in smaller homes
8. The RV’s today are better insulated
9. They use less land for their living
10. They tend to drive cheaper cars because they are lighter to tow
11. They tend to live (snowbird) in areas that need less heating and cooling.
12. There vehicles are usually better maintained.
12. They create less trash.
and much more.

So again why does everyone consider RV’ing and living green an oxymoron?

I am just curious because I am moving into an RV to stay green.
Sorry for double 12
oh yea also how much fuel do you use if you need to move? I don’t have to make 5 or 6 trips. I use one vehical, I don’t have to pack up, I just start the motor and go. I use the same or less then a moving truck.

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