Fruit and Vegetable Juice Tie Dye (The art of making dyes with natural substances)

A video showing the making of tie dye using four natural ingredients; Grape Juice + Mustard Seed Powder + Blueberry Juice + Beet Juice. The dyes smelled awesome, the juices were easy to prepare. The idea is excellent, but the colour in the end was not as bright or vivid as propper clothing dyes. It is still a very fun craft idea – perhaps try making flags instead, and leaving the dye to dry on the material still tied up – then never rinse the material, just hang it for enjoyment (this might improve the brightness). **~ It is imposible to truly show tie-dye in a few minutes… you may want to pause the video here and there to read the words as they flash by.~** -The music is from an old casset tape, a bit rough from age, but still a great song.-