ABOUT THIS PROJECT: Web: Early morning on May 21, 2012. Japan will have its first annular solar eclipse in 25 years. This project will broadcast live this moment of the century from the top of Mt. Fuji at 3776 meter-high, a symbol of Japan and the closest spot to the sun in the country. All equipment used for this live broadcast will be powered completely by solar energy. A climbing expedition will scale the mountain, shouldering high-capacity rechargeable batteries. The annular solar eclipse will be filmed and broadcast to the world using power from the sun. An epic project that joins the forces of the sun and humankind. ECLIPSE LIVE FROM FUJIYAMA by SOLAR POWER Panasonic provides households a comprehensive energy solution that consists of four technologies: “create energy,” “store energy,” “save energy,” and the “energy management” that connects these three. For this project, we will harness these technologies to exclusively use solar energy and generate power to operate all equipment for the broadcast.