Solar Power Plant Coming to USF

Dr. D. Yogi Goswami is the John and Naida Ramil Professor at University of South Florida. He and his team at the College of Engineering are building a solar power plant at the Tampa campus of USF; their aim is to find a way to make solar energy available 24 hours a day at affordable prices. The on campus solar power plant is funded with a grant from the State of Florida through the Florida Energy Systems Consortium. Included in this project is a thermal storage system being developed with $ 3.9 million grant from the US Department of Energy. Winner of more than 50 international awards and certificates, Dr. Goswami is the co-director of USF’s Clean Energy Research Center. He has 14 patents with 6 more pending. He has written 16 books and published more than 200 scientific articles. Dr. Goswami also serves as Editor in Chief of the Solar Energy Journal. Dr. Goswami’s research interests include Novel Thermodynamic Cycle for Combined Power and Cooling Antenna Solar Energy to Electricity Conversion Hybrid Solar Liquid and Solid Desiccant Air Conditioning Solar Photocatalytic Disinfection of Indoor Air Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Biomass Hydrogen Production PEM Fuel Cells.

Solar Power Plant Coming to USF