BROS ON CLOTHES with TotallySketch and Steve Greene

So what do guys think about women’s fashion? I sit down with funnymen Michael Gallagher of Totally Sketch and Steve Greene of Steve Greene Comedy to find out. What you hear may surprise you…or not. PS Bananas Twitter: Fluff your fab feathers @KimmyErin ‪ FB: Get your fashion fix on FB! ‪ Blog: Ask Kimmy anything! ‪‬ With Special Guests Michael Gallagher of Totally Sketch and Steve Greene Including a new THEME SONG, “Bros on Clothes” composed by the one and only Erik Kertes! Follow him @erikkertes, hit him up for your theme song needs at and get the song stuck in your head. Executive Producer: Jenny Fancy Producer: Celeste Hughey Director: Alana Fickes Editor: Clarence Gaines IV Production Assistants: Nick Martin and Trent Turner — KimmyErin, MissKimmyErin, kimmy erin, what to wear, Fashion, Style, Interview, Clothes, Bros on Clothes, Comedy, street style, michael gallagher, totally sketch, steve greene, miley cyrus, hunger games, jennifer lawrence, prabal gurung, january jones, mad men, how to, dress, trends, cutouts, free video, Maker Studios