where can i meet girls that like living green or off the grid?

i’m 19 years old and i’ve never had a serious girlfriend because all of the girls i’ve been with have never had the same interests as me and i was fine with that, up till now, because i find that i want to be in a relationship with someone but i know i wont really be able get along with them unless we can agree on some key points. for the past year i’ve been saving so that i can buy some cheap land and build a small house there and live off the grid money wise. i still plan on going into a city or town almost everyday. but my problem is that i’m beginning to wonder if any women will ever want to date me because of the way i want to live my life. i’m not saying all girls are materialistic it’s just that i’ve never had the luck or pleasure to meet one that wasn’t. the girls i’ve been with( which okay, isn’t the biggest number) all would never have dated or been in a serious relationship with anybody who would live the way i want to live. and by that i mean using things like solar and wind power for electricity and rain barrels and wells for water, and growing my own food. you know, green living. i mean i know that there are girls out there who like living like this from watching videos on youtube from people like GREENPOWERSCIENCE, solarcabin, and london1817 and many others who all have girlfriends/wives who love living like that. so i was wondering if you all could help me out(especially all you women out there) by telling me where i can meet girls who like living green/off the grid. thanks for any help.

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