which step in this process can YOU impact the most by using green living principles?

HARVESTING of raw materials. can include timber, agriculture, aquaculture, mining.

MANUFACTURING of raw materials into usable products. can include assembling, processing, smelting, pulpmaking.

PACKAGING of product. can include paper, plastic, metals, styrofoam.

DISTRIBUTING products to consumers. can include trucking, shipping, air, railway, manpower.

CONSUMPTION of product by user.

DISPOSAL of waste and unused product by consumer. can include landfills, storage, re-use, recycling.


each step requires energy. each step is a choice. which step in this chain can YOU impact the most by living a greener lifestyle? how can changing one of these steps also affect the others? are there techniques available to help concerned individuals affect ALL of the steps involved?
young lady, this is EVERYONE’S homework.