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Eco-Friendly Clothes Get A Makeover Image Jeanette Pavini Reporting (CBS 5) Eco-friendly clothing doesn’t exactly have that high fashion ring to it yet, but that’s changing. Green clothing designers are doing a makeover. “Eco-friendly can be anything from biodegradable to compostable to recyclable,” said Denise Mari of Organic Avenue. In the past, the clothes were more frumpy than chic. But customers and retailers say designers are finally listening. “Customers really want the high-fashion clothing,” Mari said. “They don’t want to feel like they’re being deprived of style in order to make an eco-conscious choice.” “Designers and things have made big strides in the last few years to try and become sort of more urban trendy,” said Alice White, a shopper. There are many choices in designers and companies. Moral Fervor uses fabrics from sustainable products such as bamboo. “They’re all bio-based. We don’t use any petroleum-based fabrics,” said Melissa Sack of Moral Fervor. Bay Area denim pioneer Levi Strauss is going green with jeans and jackets made from organic cotton. “It is fertilizer free. It is pesticide free,” said Brett Anderson of Levi’s. Even the zippers and buttons are made from recycled metals. “All the hang tags on the products are all made from recycled papers,” Anderson added. At Terra Plana, one shoe is made out of an old quilt and rubber soles are from a used tire. “When people find out that the shoes they’re trying on are Eco-friendly, you really see their

Organic Avenue CBS News