Has anyone heard of Green-Lime Clothing Company or GREEN-LIME TEXTILE LTD.?

I went to a website that are supposed to list legitimate work at home jobs and companies. I sent an email to one of the jobs that was listed and asked if they were still hiring for the position. They sent the following email and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this company and if they think this is legit…

Recruitment Manager
Green-Lime Clothing Company.

Green-Lime textile company is one of the rapid growing official textile company and we have ever increasing rate of clients in United state, Our need for a Representative is needed for Part-time to Act as a Payment Officer/Account Executive of the Company in USA, So that a perfect network can exist between our client and you ( Representative). 10% of every payment you receive is your commission.You can earn between ,000.00 ,000.00 in a month depending on your Speed, Accuracy and Devotion to your work Performance.

This is to Inform you that our company decided to change our mode of payment from our clients as most of them insisted on secure payment. Most of the check sent to us in the past by some clients bounced back after the deliviery of the Fabrics. We decided to use secure payment such as Paypal Payment. All our payment collector must be Paypal Account Holder. You can sign up the account at www.paypal.com with your checking account. And if you are already a member of verified paypal account holder. You can provide the paypal ID only for our clients to complete their transation with us.

Once the payment is made from our client to your paypal account. It will take some days to clear, then once the payment is approved. You will deduct the 10% and send the rest to our office or any office as instructs.

If you are Interested in the Job. Kindly fill the application form below:

Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Office Phone: ( If any)
Present occupation:


Reply Strictly on this E-mail Address: green-lime-textilltd@live.com

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Pavel Scotfield
(Recruitment Manager).

Has anyone heard of Green-Lime Clothing Company or GREEN-LIME TEXTILE LTD.? Read More ยป