DIY Solar Heating appliance construction illustrated

The Low cost solar water and room heating and portable solar are the ideal tool as a DIY to mitigate the energy demand at a very low cost. Nearly three billion of the world population lives below poverty line and there access to hot water is directly related to deforestation, a major cause of global warming. Our low cost portable water heating innovation is primarily meant for them. The tubular pipe on the absorber panel placed in a concentric form with a mild inclination collects the heat and transfers the same to the heat storage element for water heating and radiator element for room heating depending upon ones requirement and also use for assisted heating elements for boilers. . This uses all the indigenous material available locally in the most part of the world. The collector pipes are black pipe, stand can be made of bamboo or masonry, the heat storage tank is a plastic barrel and the insulation in the collector and storage is done from the used icebox Styrofoam. This appliance can reduce deforestation at a massive scale and provide a comfortable bath to the people at grass root level and can work as cheap heating solution in any part of the world. This shall be an amazing DIY solution to reduce carbon foot print as a DIY for future generation

DIY Solar Heating appliance construction illustrated