Dead Rising 2 – Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? Achievement/Trophy Guide (Wear All Types of Clothes)

Warning!!! you can miss 90 and 92!!!!!!! For 90, if you fail the case missions, you can also get it at Day 1 at 2pm on Luscious Lady, otherwise you can get it during case 3-2. For 92 there can be no more than 8 survivors on the map (this includes the secret ones) or the door will stay locked!!! I speeded up the video due to it being 17 minutes and i know you guys don’t want to sit around and watch cuck putting on clothes. This video shows you where all 92 pieces of clothing are in Dead Rising 2 in order to get the achievement/trophy Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? Thanks for watching guys!! If this video helped then please share it or subscribe TheFalloutDude1 for more!!!