IM BACK!! Fashion Clothing Haul ! feat mint green jeans, denim shirt, etc

READ: I commented this on my previous video: ATTENTION: Hey guise! Sorry i havent been uploading videos lately! My lil´╗┐ bro lost my laptop’s charger so i cant edit the videos i already filmed! :'( and i want to use my sis’ macbook but her macbook doesn’t have a place to put the memory card in. Im thinking of buying a new macbook though! Like this comment to let me know you read this!!! XX __Anyways I found my charger now…I should get a round of applause for Not giving up though! hahaha but still i need a new laptop my sony vaio sucks eggs with viruses and shizzles. I’m also thinking of buying an iPhone.. so Macbook or iphone? argh..can’t decide. Thanks who stayed when I didn’t upload any videos! —–Important: I won’t be making as many videos too now because I have my exams coming up(like yknow can decide where you’re gonna place in life)…oh gosh *hyperventilates*———– Instagram: Zimsness