Agave Design Austin – Affordable green home in East Austin

Agave Design is a affordable green home community located in East Austin. is a local realtor at Prudential Texas Realty looking at the Agave Homes in the 969 Community. The modern contemporary home is full of green features.

8 thoughts on “Agave Design Austin – Affordable green home in East Austin”

  1. This type of video is the type of American spirit of Community that all Americans need now in looking to more of a green way of living. I bet out of this old discovery of using recycled earth there will eventually became a market for builders and construction workers for these unique style buildings. People are so shadowed about yesterday subdivisions of the 90’s that they have not looked at saving money by building green.

  2. it looks nice but it seriously does not look strong and solid. more like matchstick built stuff

  3. Passengertrains4ever

    Not something you see every day…a beautiful community featuring contemporary homes. Awesome!

  4. These are for the modern contemporary person who wants to make the environment a safer place for the future.
    Every inch is used for living area or storage. I looked at about 20 of them and it was really interesting. If you think you might like these please give me a call at 512-745-1640 and I would be glad to help you.
    Mary Beth Selden
    Prudential Texas Realty

  5. Nice job! I loooove modern contemporary homes, and would loved to have seen the interior of these homes as well. Keep up the good work!

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