LOVE YOURSELF & LOVE ONE ANOTHER, my friends. 😀 *CLICK(more info)⬆ for JUICING RECIPE! *JUICERS http *READ *SHOP http *AMAZON *DONATIONS http *FACEBOOK ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONS TO FLOW THROUGH AS THEY ARE. STOP JUDGING AND START OBSERVING. HAVE THE MIND OF A CHILD. ❤ ALKALINE GREEN JUICE RECIPE! ❤ **IMPORTANT!** Ifyou don’t want to drink this much juice at once, please HALVE THIS RECIPE ~ and ~ have GLASS mason jars ready to store some of this juice for later! * I ngredients * — 1 Fennel Bulb & Stalk — 2 heads Celery — 1-2 bunches Cilantro (or Parsley, if preferred) — 1 bunch Kale — 1 bunch Arugula — 1 bunch Spinach — 1 Cucumber * P rep * — 1) Run all ingredients thru your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. — 2) For the portion of juice you’re drinking right now, just add ice if desired & enjoy! — 3) Immediately pour any remaining juice into GLASS mason jars, sealed shut w PLASTIC lids (metal lids rust). GLASS JARS + LIDS for your JUICE can be found here: Then just keep your jars of juice in a fridge or cooler until you’re ready to drink some more! Your juice can stay very fresh this way for 2 days, 3 at the absolute most. IDEALLY, you want to drink juice RIGHT after it’s made. REALISTICALLY, not many people are able to make a fresh juice in the morning before work, nor while at work


  1. GetAGripSeriously

    great to feel the vibes your putting out man .human body = natural machine so yes ya wouldnt put diesel into it .natural all the way .and lets get our vibration back up where we should be .keep it coming .

  2. Dan I didn’t recognize you with your shirt on. Lmbo! Love your energy guy!!!! you are wearing way too many

  3. liferegenerator

    @damahco just check the info section beneath the video for my juicer link, thanks!

  4. I dont want to name call you or anything like that but are you considered a “Vegan”?

  5. carolinafenton

    how do you feel when you are “too” alkaline? have you ever been too alkaline?

  6. @liferegenerator I juiced this morning. I juiced this evening. I’m on a juicing rampage. The amazing thing is that I am not hungry like I thought I would be. Interesting.

  7. Also…ALWAYS click on the “View All 128 comments” link at the bottom right of the comments you see on any given video page. (128 is the current number of comments on this vid, that number will change by the time you read this).

    If you always view comments this way, all on 1 page, you are less likely to see your comment ‘appear’ at the top instead of in reply to a specific comment. Viewing them all on one page allows them to be viewed properly. But not always, as there are still bugs…

  8. YouTube is buggy! They are working on developing a new video/comment page as we speak! But I had a look at it and it is even more buggy and problematic! So my advice is to take this up with YouTube directly, you are not the only one having troubles with this, it is a YouTube issue… also, make sure you never try and put a link in a comment as you can’t post links in comments but you won’t get an error message, your comment just won’t post! 🙁

  9. Hi Dan, I’m still A Dan Fan, but… There is something wrong with the your channels comment threads. I have been trying to “reply” to another one of your viewers (kr16794) Re: your January 27 “Alkaline diet recipes” but my posts either never appear or they are place at the top (like I’m responding to your video) and not in the thread of conversation. I’ve had to repost the same comment for at least 3 comments. Rather frustrating. Do you have a suggestion for staying within the thread?

  10. i eat meat because of the protein and fat. they come hand in hand.. protein makes u feel fuller and the fat helps digest the protein..i find that if i just eat a salad for lunch im hungry an hour later.. meat has been proven that it does not cause diseases.. its sugar and trans fat. u might wana do the research.

  11. so ur not a true vegetarian? u know vegies r good 4 u but u also know fat is good for u 2? carotenes are converted by the action of bile salts, and very little bile reaches the intestine when a meal is low in fats. butter stimulates the secretion of bile needed to convert carotenes from vegies to vitamin A. acidosis is caused by to much sugar and trans fats not meat. fat also lubricates ur joints so i also dont suffer joint inflammation.

  12. Vegetarians & vegans eat huge quantities of plant foods. And since they are low in calorie, more are needed for energy. So the fact that they have to eat “an awful lot” goes with saying. But it is neither a chore nor unpleasant. Plant foods (esp Raw) process very quickly through the body. Don’t see a down side to eating more. W/ the $ saved not buying meat, I buy delicious safe organic fruits and veggies. I beat joint inflammation (from acidosis) by eliminating meat. And, I eat a lot of butter!

  13. By ‘traditional’ you mean…what? Diets with more meat? Let’s not confuse the issue. Cod liver oil and butter are excellent sources of vitamin A. But they are fats, not meat. VitA is just 1 nutrient in animal fat that the body ‘can’ use (see Dan’s HighProteinFoods onVegetarianVegan & RawFoodDiets), but since the same nutrients can be found in plants, why continue eating ‘meat’ just for the fat when animal ‘protein’ is the cause of acidosis and the catalyst for disease. That is the issue.

  14. Dan, you are getting better and better at these talks. You are a great guy and you have the right stuff buddy. Have you published your book list? (the books you have read)

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