APRIL 1, 2012 Survivalist Solar Cooking Dan vs. Wild Parabolic Mirror SURVIVORDAN

Lost in the unknown Florida brush, Dan survives in the wild while cooking meals with a parabolic mirror and a small pan.

25 thoughts on “APRIL 1, 2012 Survivalist Solar Cooking Dan vs. Wild Parabolic Mirror SURVIVORDAN”

  1. I gotta say. You two are my favorite YouTube people. I love all your videos and I gotta say, living up here in Northern Wisconsin, I feel like I have known you for years and we are on the same wave length. Keep up all the great info-videos and I’ll keep learning.

  2. I think its what he was wearing on his head, made him look like a cancer patient.

  3. That was fun. Growing up in Georgia pre cable TV, much less computers and internet… I caught on immediately to your humor. Hint to youtube: you will not stumble on an egg from someone’s refrigerator.
    Seriously I started wondering about a parabolic mirror made with memory wire and kevlar the moment you bright that thing out.

  4. hmm nice video. but ehm you look a bit older(or more tired ) as usual or is it only me ? but stil nice video and your wife is funny as always 🙂

  5. Funny how your “stuck in the woods” sounds identical to the freeway traffic outside your house. 😀 Nice April Fools video.

  6. are you the replacement of bear grylls in discovery ch’s man vs wild, i heard he was fired

  7. Bear Grylls, eat your heart out, Dan will now have a rival survival program called Rhino Solar Oven.

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