Bamboo Living Homes

Tour bamboo living homes in Hawaii, walk through a bamboo forest, 3 reasons for choosing a bamboo house, see models, styles, finishes, hear what homeowners say.

25 thoughts on “Bamboo Living Homes”

  1. @Elin48 for stuff like this, the government need to take some time to think about the environment, instead of that fucking oil.

  2. I’m surrounded by bamboo…probably not the kind that you can build with, but still I love it. And definitely, it does grow amazingly fast. You have to love it, because once you have it growing you’re not going to get rid of it quickly.

  3. wooferblogger1

    Thanks for uploading this, i just moved to hawaii and am looking for eco friendly homes or earthship homes

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful, sustainable and non-toxic. What more could you ask for?

  5. @RES1ST0R

    Me too. Toke up and look at it, imagine it is weed. Imagine the look and smell of it then put your finger in your ass and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, stroke your inserted finger. Pull it out and smell it. It will smell like bamboo marijuana.

  6. Very cool. In Assam, India, we visited a village where everybody builds their houses out of woven bamboo. They even build barns (goshallas) for their cows out of bamboo.

  7. i’ll huff & i’ll puff & i’ll blow ur house down, lol
    all kidding aside, i think it is beautiful, 5 *’s

  8. I have a friend who has a business in Thailand making these. If you’d like a quote, send me a message and I’ll pass it on.

  9. looks nice. how do you build the roof? can you build one in nw washington state? It grows there though I’ve never seen it that large around.

  10. hahaha! bamboo is the fastest growing plant…it can shoot up 4 feet in one day….hahahaha you know why?
    pandas diet is bamboo and one panda eats 200 lbs of bamboo a day!!!!!!! hahahaha
    and it’s lovely to be around…. just watched 29 seconds and had to say that.
    i love bamboo.

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