Being green, does it mean living in mansions and flying in private jets?

How can celebrities and politicians tell us common folk to be green when they are leaving a big imprint on the world themselves?

8 thoughts on “Being green, does it mean living in mansions and flying in private jets?”

  1. The Voice of Reason

    Only if you are a member of the liberal elite. If you are part of the great unwashed, then you must do as they say, not as they do.

  2. Being green help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in city. For example, the most symbolic act would be to turn off your mobile phone. As Kermit The Frog used to say, it’s not easy being green.

  3. Being a celebrity means you have the ear of the populace. If you are conveying a positive message about how to be environmental, and your message is having an impact on many, then you are having a net positive effect; you as a celebrity may have a larger carbon footprint that the average person, but hopefully your efforts cause an overall reduction in carbon emissions.

    Also, celebrities may have larger homes, but they also have the funds to incorporate energy-saving devices in their homes such as solar panels and solar hot water heaters. There is no reason why any home cannot be completely electrically self-sufficient, no matter how large it is.

  4. History has proven that life on this planet is all about Checks and Balances, Recyclers wouldn’t have a cause to fight for if it weren’t for the selfish SOBs that destroy our planet. Yes, it takes a while, but it’s well worth it, don’t you think, to fight that is?

    Yin and Yang must always exist.

  5. The hypocracy of others is not a reason not to give to future generations a livable earth.

    Just look at a newborn and ask yourself "what has he done wrong not to deserve a livable planet and a protected environment?".

    I understand it is difficult and you might be discouraged by dishonest people.

  6. I hate that fact so much. Celebs are donating money to like green org. but they are probally doing just as much damage as improving!

    I totally agree!


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