Better Living with Laura Klein – Green Living, Organic Food

“Better Living with Laura Klein” show promo. The show is about green living, creating a healthy home and cooking with organic food. Laura Klein is a Green Living Expert and publishes .

14 thoughts on “Better Living with Laura Klein – Green Living, Organic Food”

  1. Laura is such an ECO inspiration. Everyone can benefit from her shows. We want more!

  2. You make it fun and luxurious to be healthy adn socially conscious. What a great role model! Amy Wenslow

  3. she’s gorgeous. I want to see more of her…like what she has to say!! she could be the next big food star!!

  4. I love the energy and need someone to give the green facts straight and simple. i’m looking forward to more!

  5. Laura’s energy and enthusiasm for living a healthier lifestyle by ‘going green’ is inspirational. I look forward to her bringing her message to the masses!

  6. Great video. Laura your organic food and your web site are so great. Very educationald and informative… Keep it up. Kozn Khosravani

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