BGTV asks Shaklee for healthy tips on household products

While it’s great to think green when building your home, it’s also important to be green aware about the everyday products you bring into it. BGTV’s Kevin Contreras visits with Sloan Barnett of Shaklee, a global leader in natural food products and household cleaners, to learn how to make better choices and find healthier alternatives to common household goods. Shaklee offers a whole range of personal health and wellness products, steeped in preserving environmental integrity and capitalizing on the latest in scientific research. Join Kevin and Sloan and discover some great tips and some of the best products on the market today.

17 thoughts on “BGTV asks Shaklee for healthy tips on household products”

  1. This product is awesome!
    It also comes with a 100% satisfaction–Money Back Guarantee!
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  2. So glad I found Shaklee! My cleaning business just started using the Get Clean products and we’re hooked. As someone who has to use a lot of cleaning products, it is important to find something that does a good juba AND does no harm to your health

  3. Great Video. I have been using those environmentally safe products over 20 yeas. I don’t plan to stop now.

  4. I have enjoyed Shaklee since 1995 and love the Get Clean. Anyone in Md. interested in learning more about Shaklee for products or business, contact me!

  5. followyourbliss101

    shaklee rocks, no doubt about it… check out my channel followyourbliss101 for some cool testimonials of mine

  6. I love Shaklee Products! MY business with Shaklee is FANTASTICS! Email me if you want more informaiton on Shaklee.

  7. littletonychums

    hey just letting ya know if you are looking to go organic you should get a hold of me

  8. Shaklee products are ecologically sound and more effective than any of the so called “Green Brands” I have used previously.I am hooked!

  9. I am sooo happy to see the company I work for at home all over the place and in good standing. I love what they have done for all of us.

  10. Shaklee has been around forever, I remember ordering from them 30 years ago, well, maybe that is because they have been in business since 1956. And no, I have not been around that long. For a long time, since the beginning of Shaklee, no one really was interested in organic products. Now they are probably doing stronger than they have in the past.

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  11. I love the basic H. It has so many different uses, and the washer machine for your clothes is amazing because the machine can get ruined over time because of all the filler other companies put in their detergent. oh and I love their makeup b/c I can wear it, not break out, and not get red eyes from it!

  12. Hooked on shaklee, the dish washing liquid keeps your drains grease free and smelling clean, saves on toxic drain cleaners, just wash your dishes and clean your drains

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