Building a Green Home

Watch a green home being built with structural Insulated Panels

6 thoughts on “Building a Green Home”

  1. blazerwolfsmartt

    Well merol, you have no idea what you are talking about! The insulation in these panels come in 2″-4″-6″-8″ and 12″. with an r-rating of 4.5 per inch. A 6′ panel produces an r-rating of 27. No other insulation material can compare! There are nay sayers for every thing!

  2. green home?

    U R stealing our time Beavis, this is bullshit:

    The insulation is not thick enough to be zero emission,
    the used materials are Plastic, which is oil and
    Alloy which is bauxite plus plus electric energy.

    I suppose, that the amount of primary energy put into this product is min. twice as high, as the gain.

  3. blazerwolfsmartt

    So What! these homes are not going to be put in a landfill and the aluminum skins are built inside the walls. What is your problem AssHole. This is the most green product on the market!

  4. Polystyrene is here forever and will never breakdown in a land fill. And aluminum is a direct link to Alzhiemers disease. “Chemically bonded”? What chemicals are used to bond polystyrene to aluminum?

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