Building Green Part 2

Are you remodeling your home? Our friends Steve and JD did a great looking renovation. What made it something special was the fact that it was done using green home products and environmentally friendly processes. Reusing what they could, recycling what they didn’t need, FSC Certified wood, reclaimed flooring, soy based wall insulation, solar water heating and electricity, recycled rubber roofing, and the list goes on and on. We documented the progress over a year, and put together a 17 minute video from start to end of the construction. Hope you enjoy “Building Green” Part 2

25 thoughts on “Building Green Part 2”

  1. Do you have 220 volts AC/Heat?, and an Electric clothes dryer??? JUst wondering cause those suck up Electricity…..Great Video….

  2. I love your home. i am looking into different ideals and what not for bulding a home and i am very glad i found your videos…

  3. I don’t like the nickname “Beena” that they gave her. Her real name Sabrina is much prettier!

  4. beena wthecks thats an odd name for a child, I hope shes not made fun of at school, but I guess birdie is a weird name too, I want to name my kid Rellet… Its an odd name no 😛

  5. No fancy home can ever compensate a child for being ripped away from their natural loving family

  6. Because they FALSELY accused us of neglect in the beginning. We were found NOT GUILTY of neglect, and yet CPS continued to to forge ahead and place our child for adoption. The only thing that made CPS “sit up and take notice” was that Sabrina lost a few ounces after birth, which happens to most babies. They may have created a beautiful home, but Sabrina is still not with family, where she deserves to be raised.

  7. CPS doesnt remove children for NO reason, there would have been a investigation and you obviously did something to make CPS sit up and take notice of you! Theyve created a beautiful home and environment for your daughter to be fostered in, so what are you exactly complaining about?

  8. Interesting ideas, some of which I may consider implementing in my own company. Going Green and using recycled products is surely the future

  9. Why are some people such dicks. I am going to build something just the same!! But in Tasmania. You can’t be perfect but why not do as much as you can as you guys have. If everyone did the easy bits then the world would be a better place rather than a few anal people doing absolutley EVERYTHING “right”. i hope you guys are really proud of what you have acheived.

  10. Solaraficionado

    If you were trying to be environmentally and socially responsible, why did you buy your solar panels from a petrolium company?

  11. My husband and I are under a COURT ORDER not to mention the names of the foster parents of our daughter Sabrina, who was taken from us by Arlington County CPS under false allegations of child neglect, so how is it that her foster parents are allowed to post this video of themselves with our daughter where they use their own names?

  12. kudos to you for using spray foam insulation, native plants, and bio yard but the marvin windows are inefficiently designed and consists of cheap glass. the e rating on those type of windows are horrible, and hardy plank, oh no!!! you’re trying to do green design and you chose hardy plank; bad move. not trying to be a jerk but i hate to see people get used by commercialism when there trying to be environmental.

  13. …this is harsh but true. most of the “green” things people do regarding their house, energy etc. are scams.

  14. Congrats, your effort loked like it paid off. Thanks for leaning away from the mainstream. Nice to know about better options 🙂

  15. Beautiful end product…better than I thought it would be from Part 1.

    Note to folks with forced water systems: KEEP EM – and add Solar Hot Water as a major part of your heat source. Radiant heat is quiet, efficient, and healthier than having fans overdrying the air. Forcedwater doesn’t clank like stean can. Annual _bleed_ is and easy way to ensure air isn’t in the system. My 2 story Rowhouse heat in DC only cost $50 month, at most.

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