Building Solar Panels For Home Power – Don’t Buy Solar Panels For Sale – Here’s a Better Solution For Solar Power Each month, as people receive their electric bill, many contemplate turning to solar panels to reduce this utility cost. Some people are literally paying over half the amount of their house payment to the electric company. Solar panels are an investment in your home that you should definitely consider, but when you look at the cost of solar panels for sale, you may think you can’t afford it. There is a better solution for solar power. How to Build Your Own Solar Panel A typical solar panel installed on your home will average in cost between – a watt. That means that one solar panel that produces 100 watts of electricity will run you about 0-900! While solar panels for sale are around – per watt, installation brings that price up quite quickly. It just makes good financial sense to build your own. Anyone who is rather handy and motivated can do it. The cost is about 0 and you can control the size of the panel so it fits where you have the space. Your first step should be a detailed, yet easy to understand, manual. Don’t get the first one you come across. Do a little research and if you can find one with videos, that’s even better. The building supplies are next and you may be surprised to find most of them at your local hardware store plywood, a roll of copper wire, and sheets of glass. The solar panel cells, also called photovoltaic cells, can be found at a

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