c. marchuska vivons vert web commercials: Hot & Sexy

cmarchuska eco-fashion line web series commercials. Directed by Daniel Brothers. Director of Photography: John Michael Zervoulei. Steady-Cam Operator: Mitchell Frye. c. marchuska is an eco-friendly clothing line by Christine Marchuska and Brooke Bresnan, which provides chic and sustainable clothing at affordable prices. Manufactured in New York City, the clothing is designed to embody versatility throughout different trends and seasons in order to stay true to the sustainable fashion mantra of producing less waste. The sophisticated clothing with green benefits is a perfect match for the socially conscious woman that doesn’t want to sacrifice style, price, or comfort to help save the planet. c. marchuska is sold online at www.cmarchuska.com and at the following stores: Montmartre (NY, NY), Blush (NY, NY), Kaight (NY, NY), Eco Citizen (San Francisco, CA), Peters Path Store (Atlanta, GA), Estray Clothing (Bay Village Beach Haven, NJ), Down To Earth (Telluride, CO), Shift (Hyannis, MA), A Stone’s Throw (Madison, WI), Runway 7 Ecofashions (Latham, NY), A Green Wardrobe (Sausalito, CA), Therapy (Auburn, AL), Bangle & Clutch (South Windsor, CT) and Berlin’s (Charleston, SC).

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