Cameleon Green Wear Garment To get a Cameleon Now! The Cameleon is great green wear clothing. A demonstration show off a most magical garment that it is worn in so many different ways and has multiple uses. Great Green Travel Wear, and an excellent Renaissance garb. For great Cameleon wear ideas see the Gaia Five Steps to Ecstasy Cameleon modeling and Joleen Party at Angel’s Rock videos on youtube. Gaia Joleen This garment will fit you and look good no matter what your size or variable waist line. It has adjustable ties. The Cameleon is the best, most versatile garment you can find, just take a few Cameleons with you when you take a trip or vacation and have all those different ways to wear the same clothing. to order or call 575 751 3171 Very Green Wear Clothing hand made in Colorado USA…. !!!

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