can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?

This is a serious question:

We have a real marriage with a kid, and we love each other but we are not living together because my husband has serious snoring problems and I can’t sleep in the same house where he sleeps.

Can I still extend my conditional greencard?

4 thoughts on “can I extend my conditional green card if not living with my husband?”

  1. Yes, you can apply to remove the conditional status of your card. However, if I were you I’d make sure you have a good sleep study done to PROVE to the USCIS that there’s a real problem with his snoring if they ask for evidence.

    I spent 22 years in the Navy. On one ship I was stationed on there was a guy in the berthing compartment who was incredibly loud snoring. I actually slept with "big ears" (flight deck jet-blast noise protectors) on my head.

  2. Yes, if what you say is true, you can file a joint application to remove the conditional basis of your green card. You can file Form I-751 90 days before the expiration date of your green card.

    The application will extend your conditional card during the time that you are waiting for an answer to your application. If the I-751 is approved, you will get a 10-year card.

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