Can I get a Green Card through a sibling living overseas?

Is it possible for me to apply for a green card through my sister, who is a US-born citizen, even though we are both living outside of the US?

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  1. There are conditions to be met. Go to this link ( and scroll down to the special notes on filing I-864 when living overseas. It basically states that while the I-130 petition does not have a residency requirement for your sister, form I-864 (Affidavit of Support), requires her to be domiciled in the US/establish a domicile in the US on or before you get your permanent residency. Of course there is also the issue of whether she has enough income and assets to meet the requirements of this affidavit (a co-sponsor can be used). Depending on what country you live in, the petition could take between 11-22 years.

  2. No. You cannot apply for immigration or a green card. Your sister is not living in the US and cannot petition for you. You have no way to attempt to immigrate to the US at this time.

    If your sister were ever able to petition for you in the future, you would have to remain in your own country while awaiting a visa. And depending on your citizenship, and how long the lines waiting ahead of you are, it can take 20 years after approval of the petition before you actually get the visa to enter the US. Siblings are not a high priority.

  3. Smells like New Screen Names

    No as most of the advantages of having a sibling are negated by the fact that she doesn’t live int he country. So it is impossible for her to make guarantees for your actions and behaviors.

  4. I doubt it very much although you could mention her when applying. There’s loads of rules and paperwork and it’s costly

  5. No .. they need to file an affidavit of support
    which cannot be enforced if she is not in the country

    the wait time anyway is a minimum 10 years

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