Can living a green lifestyle help you reach a better mental balance?

Sometimes the little things you do to help the environment can make a huge difference in your personal outlook. Tell us your thoughts about the impact of driving a hybrid vehicle, recycling and other ways you contribute to a greener Earth.

50 thoughts on “Can living a green lifestyle help you reach a better mental balance?”

  1. not when you can’t find a recycling bin anywhere, or you walk around the city streets and notice all the recyclable containers being thrown into trash bins. as much as i live a green lifestyle, all the misuse around me drives me nuts. i gotta move to oregon.

  2. I’m not sure that my mental balance is hugely affected by trying to live greener – except in the food department. I have been making a concerted effort to find local resources for food – particularly produce and meat products – and knowing that I am contributing to my local economy and not funding big business makes me feel like I’ve got something to contribute. I also FEEL so much better now that I’ve cut out fast food, and endeavor to eat only foods where I can pronounce all of the ingredients. I don’t currently recycle, only because it costs money where I live, and due to an extremely tight budget, I can’t justify spending funds on that rather than groceries – but when I lived in a place where it was free and compulsory, I recycled religiously, and felt it was worth the extra time.

  3. living green may be the only impact we have in this country.

    how does it make me feel – less guilty when i do green things.

  4. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, "….Just one less thing." (to worry about). Knowing you’ve done your part no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, if everyone does something it will eventually add up. 😉

  5. I just bought my hybrid about 4 months ago. i used to be a speedracer, but with a hybrid the gentler you are on the gas pedal the better gas milage you get. so i find my self goin a little but slower, most of the time. But lots of things that are good for the earth are usually good on your wallet also, i know that the upfront cost is quite alot more but in the long run energy saving products pay off. I try to be as enviromentally friendly as possible i recycle, i have green power, it’s an alternative way of getting electricty call your power company see what they have to offer. Plus my hybrid, and i feel that i am doing my part to protect our earth, you must do your part also, remember it is the only place we have to go. Oh and KK your wrong the battery on my hybrid, which is an 05 honda civic hybrid, charges when i hit the break you don’t plug them in!

  6. I suppose that eating a more natural diet would cut down on your usage of cans and by stabilising your blood sugar would improve your mental balance.

  7. I believe so. Too bad no one can seem to impress the C.E.O.s or workers in the oil industry and the military-industrial complex of the value in going green.

  8. I think anything you do that isn’t only for yourself can make you feel better because you aren’t being selfish

  9. Yes. Just the emotional highs of helping this earth that we call home will make you feel like you have done some good for humanity.
    We all need to feel like we are part of something that is doing good.

  10. ♥Ask♥Cassie♥

    yes.doesnt if feel nice to know that youre not contribuiting to make all the poor animals suffer and die???it sure makes me happy.

  11. fallen♥angel

    Helping others or the environment always gives me a warm feeling inside. Even if it means going out of your way to sort the tins from the plastics instead of tossing them in the garbage.

  12. When someone can create a nuclear powerd vehicle or an economically feasible hydrogen powered vehicle, then we can talk.

    You do realize however that by making a greener Earth…that the Earth will continue to warm and thus provide more fuel to the "Global Warming" fanatics.

  13. B.F.Skinner Has Eaten My Dinner


    First, green consumerism – such as purchasing a car with a certain electric/gas engine or some organic fruit – doesn’t really have any impact on anything except your wallet. Can you "feel good about it"? Sure, but you can feel good about hurting people, destroying the planet, and driving an SUV too.

    Recycling is another chore, like taking out the trash, which can have absolutely no impact on your outlook as well. Can one feel good about taking out the trash? Sure! And you can feel good about removing lead paint, or saving money by dumping used motor oil down the sewer drain.

    The entire concept of personal action uncoordinated with others with no real strategic or tactical consideration other than "feeling good" is a hopeless advertising campaign aimed at making people feel ok about essentially doing nothing.

    The kind of action that makes a difference doesn’t involve buying anything – it involves making the people who do the wrong thing look bad and have to stop doing what they are doing. It involves legislation to punish them. It involves designing incentive systems to reward those who do the right thing (on a massive scale, not just because it’s trendy).

    Organics, for example, are just marketing hype. Non organics are safe to eat, and if organics are that much "safer" then why aren’t all foods organic? And why should people be allowed to purchase "safer" food anyway? Is exemption from pesticide a privilege one must buy?

    Recycling is the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. And it’s no mistake its in that order. However, when the three Rs come up, it’s just "recycle". But without reduction and reuse, recycing is just a way to feel ok about using tons of unnecessary stuff.

    Reduction and reuse, in a steady state economy, would take such precedence that recycling should be reserved only for a tiny fraction of what is left.

    If you want better mental balance, try being less judgmental, getting exercise, eating well and sleeping more.

  14. I think keeping a "Green" lifestyle can definitely help you. With all the energies that the environment gives off, I am sure that your body as well as you soul can feel the charge.

  15. Anything that makes you aware of what your doing helps you to reach a better mental balance. Too many people who answer this have no idea what they are doing living a green lifestyle. I tinkle behind the barn to save the planet. Just think of the water I save!
    You can do things too like getting off of your fat tomato and walking to the store, turn off your TV, and pick up bottles and cans and earn extra money!

  16. If the ‘green lifestyle’ is your major concern in life, you are already mentally unstable.

  17. Questions like this exemplify the argument that the current Global Warming movement is NOT based in science; rather it IS a religion. It has all the earmarks of religion: sin, redemption, path to salvation, and of course tithe (pay higher taxes to government to reach salvation).

    Having said this, I think all Federal Global Warming legislation now and in the future should be challenged in the Supreme Court under First Amendment violations. Namely that the government is sponsoring a religion thus violating separation of church and state.

  18. I’m one of those Christains who belive that one does not get into heaven by just doing good works. It is through grace that God blesses me and as a result, I (should) desire to give back. I also believe that we’re to take care of the Earth with which we’ve been blessed. It is because of my faith that I feel driven to "live green". I recycle. I drive as little as possible. In terms of clothing (with the exception of underwear, bras and shoes) and other matereial resources, I buy second hand. When it comes to food we try to buy organic when possible. If not, we just go as natural as possible– No hydrogenated oils, no corn syrup, not junk that looks as though it was created in a lab, etc. (I just had a peanut butter sandwich with whole wheat bread, organic natural peanut butter and organic raspberry preserves.)

    Also, I’m vegan. My vegetarianism, eventually veganism, also stemmed from my faith. When I realized the horrors of factory farming, I decided that I could not, as a Christian, support that. The great health the has come from it is just an added bonus. After all, I can’t take care of others if I don’t care for myself. (I’m also six months pregnant and my baby is as healthy as she can be.)

    Vacation Bible School is happening at our church this week. I helped out this morning, as I was free, and thought about all the waste that was generated. I commented on the possibility of at least recycling paper to the assistant director and she seemed to think it was a good idea. My husband is directing it this year and I will mention it to him, too. (I cringed earlier when I saw him toss an empty water bottle in the trash. I know he knows better, not only did I train him, but he has turned around and taught me things, too, but I don’t think he fully cared at the moment.)

    It just bugs me that our large church has no recycling program implemented. Not even for the mass amounts of paper it puts out just for the four weekend services. (4-500 worship a weekend.) Yet, prayers for the care of the environment have been included in the weekly prayers of the church.

    As for hybrids, I think that they might be more hype than good. Green is in again (I remeber when "Save the Earth was the social trend of the early 90s), so it would make sense that the faltering car industry goes with what the consumers will buy. If people would just wise up and drive less, and even take public transportation things would be a bit better. Yes, I’ve heard complaints that their city’s public transportation isn’t that great. When we left Columbus, OH, the bus system wasn’t that great. However, it was effective. I was fortunate, though. Every place I wanted to go was on one line. Well, I did have a grocery store within walking distance. The prices were a bit higher, but the price difference was acceptable because I didn’t have to drive.

    As had been said, if more people would just go back to nature, things would be better. We don’t need chemicals in our body. We were not designed that way.

  19. I’m not sure if you’re a computer or a person, or 10 people, but if you’re reading this, then I will have to say, MERCURY RULES!! I love the new Mariner design and very impressed with the Mariner hybrid’s gas mileage. Thankyou for bringing back the Sable with a new european flare to it. Also, gotta love the Milan and the your awesome family SUV, the Mountaineer. And what can possibly longer than the Grand Marquis?? Keep it up Mercury!!

  20. Helping in the environment in any way is a good thing. So, yes I think it can help us reach a better mental balance but ultimately we are the ones who control our thoughts and actions. We ultimately have to take charge of our mind and body and spirit to be mentally and physically balanced and whole.

  21. Well i think that everything that you try to do to help the environment counts even if its a little. You should try every little thing to help our mother earth. I know for sher that even though there is a lot of people that help earth there is more people that
    pollute it. So its good to help even though we are gonna lose against those people that pollute earth. I m not trying to negative but I’ v seen to much pollution that you have never heard.

  22. YES! When you’re living green, you’re more "in touch" with the environment. It is a very spiritual thing to be so in tune with nature. I have been gradually getting greener because as soon as I change one my lifestyle in one area, I notice a definite improvement in my quality of life and want to improve it more. Its a lovely way to live! Everyone should stop being so apathetic and give it a try!

  23. Not necessarily, it depends on the outlook of specific person. But it certainly reduces the weight of your pocket!

  24. Yes, yes, absolutely yes!

    It makes *everybody* more cheerful, optimistic, and happy.

    We all like to do our part

  25. Of course it can!! Here’s our example.
    About a year ago we experienced some health issues with our son. The doctor said they were caused environmentally. At the time we had no idea what was meant by that. We started researching and at the same time a nurse introduced to me the idea of living "non-toxic" esentially greening ourselves. We were skeptical at first but fell in love with the benefits and saw drastic changes in our son. Six months later we saw drastic changes in ourselves. The more we wanted to change the better we started to feel physically. The better physically we felt the better emotionally and soon our whole life was feeling great. I don’t think it came from just being green it came from the fact that we are open to change. We have allowed ourselves to not take our world for granted, to be good stewards of it and in turn you start to feel better as a human. You don’t have to start a huge campaign to feel better, just make the little changes and soon you begin to make the bigger changes. Open your minds to what people are saying. I am sorry to say but our grandparents and our parents did not know the truth we know now. You would be surprised to know that our common household chemicals are hurting us, our children and the earth in a BIG way. But because it’s melting the germs we thinks it’s okay. It’s not okay folks. Make a change today!!! If you notice most of my refrences I have used to check out the facts are government based or legitimate organizations

  26. Hybrid Vehicles actually burn more energy then regular vehicles.
    Green living, a new term for recycling.
    All gun ho, to follow that loser Al Gore and his lies!
    Carbon Credits!!???
    I bet you don’t know that those idiotic things are ways to get money off of a hypothetical usage 100 years later?
    it is based on the trees lifespan of at least 99years before the so called, credit is used!

    Damn Liberals! Poisoning feeble minds!

    It is hot as always in Summer because our Axis points closer to the sun, dimwits!

    Next thing you will see is a "Live Moon Concert" (by the way, no one in America saw the Live Earth show..LOL) to aide the slowing down of the moon leaving its orbit from earth at a 0.25cm rate annually and then you have to wonder where the money went to that? Well, the same place the Live Earth show went.. The artists and promoters, pocketbooks!
    IT’S ALL A LIE!!

  27. You ask a question and then answer it for us. Who told you that living a green lifestyle can make a huge difference in your personal outlook? If you live to follow what you believe to be the truth I think you’re more likely to be at peace.

  28. First time I’ve seen a post by an SUV!

    Dear SUV. Regarding living green …

    A federal income tax credit of $3,000 on the purchase of a new Mercury Mariner Hybrid FWD is a good start.

    The all electric mode has speeds up to about 25 mph, then the gas engine takes over.

    What is the mpg for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid FWD? If I just drive 20 miles for one hour at 20 mph then it would be *zero* gasoline — essentially infinite mpg?

    Are there specs on mpg with *city* and *highway* driving?

    When I went to the Mariner web page I was expecting to be sold on the fuel efficiency of this vehicle (so I could achieve better mental balance per your question) — instead it talks about the color options. I feel the web site should have a green focus if this is a green vehicle.

  29. I think knowing you’re doing the right thing makes you feel better. One way I’ve thought we should help the Earth and increase recycling, is to limit the types of plastics companies are allowed to use. Phase into using other plastics that are recyclable as opposed to continuing to use those that are not. I love the Earth. I feel it’ll be around for me in my lifetime, but with all the waste.. global warming, threat of war with W.o.M.D… it makes me worry about the future of mankind and all life on Earth. Deep but true.

  30. it is very doubtful that leaving less of a carbon footprint would make me have a better mental outlook…but if that thing floats your boat as they say then it would work for you

  31. You know, I’ve always done what I can — participate in CLEAN-UP Days, Planted Trees, Volunteered, looked for and purchased the most Efficient products (like the CFL Bulbs now for the Home), upgraded my appliances when I can …

    Does it make a huge difference in my outlook of life?

    I’d say that the BIGGEST Difference in the Outlook of Life is when ONE tells oneself (and lives like this) that they VALUE themselves, have self-confidence, and are willing to work hard for everything that they want in life … and do NOT Ever let another person affect the way that they feel or be.

    When you are self-confident, when you KNOW to your soul that you ARE worthy, that you have RESPECT for your own abilities, you are willing to work hard and TRY … and you are willing to tackle new tasks with confidence and vigor … your mind is sharp and you want to work for everything that you have (and did exactly that!) …

    THEN a true mental balance is achieved! That is why more than things (or lifestyle elements — like expensive toys) are more important to MY Mental Health than going along with purchasing when there are NO options to make that purchase at this time …

    BUDGETING is important — and to be satisfied with what one has is also part of good mental health. I know that I must keep my home repaired and in good shape — I also know that I can’t afford to replace MY Vehicle every year or three (or even 5 or 7 — right now .. my current vehicle is almost 9 years old — and I do all my own maintenance!) … and even with appliances … I must wait to purchase until the items break down and fall apart and it costs me MORE to repair than to replace.

  32. We are all part of the earth.

    Nothing makes my day more beautiful than to see a beautiful flower of the VIVID green of a well tended lawn, or the new shoots on a tree or a bush, or hear the birds singing.

    We are all part of all living creation — what we do to it, good or bad, is felt by all.

    Nothing BREAKS MY HEART worse than trekking over to my favorite mountain stream and NOT being able to get ANYWHERE NEAR IT — becuz the area is littered with THOUSANDS of shards of broken glass!!!

    I cry — Mother Nature Cries, when this happens.

    I have lived in the same area for over 20 years– across from my apt building there was an old forest with three HUGE horse chestnut trees, and other trees and an abandoned apple orchard, and THOUSANDS of birds used to sing in those trees every morning — THOUSANDS of fireflies used to fly in the branches of those horse chestnut trees every summer evening. There were possums, raccoons, grey fox, groundhogs, hummingbirds, Rufous Sided Towhees, and I live near a Major City!!! There was a huge major highway 3/4 of a mile beyond that forest but you would never know it– after a rainstorm the air smelled SO GOOD!!! I used to love to go there and do my Walking meditation and just enjoy being a Part of Creation, surrounded by Mother Earth’s beauty…… One day the bulldozers came and in two days the WHOLE FOREST WAS GONE!!! The neighbors WEPT. The air STUNK. From then on. Why Why Why??/ To build tacky townhouses. To the earth’s credit, the trees they planted in that dirt grew and grew — but it’s not the same……

    This earth is LITTERED with landfills—practically NOTHING in it is biodegradable — what a SIN!!

    I work in city that DOES NOT recycle its plastic and BURIES its trash. But…. I LIVE in a city that recycles its plastic and safely incinerates its trash in a huge facility with thousands of air scrubbers. So I CARRY MY TRASH and my plastic HOME with me every day.

    Did you know that there is a source for BIODEGRADABLE CUTLERY AND DISHES AND GLASSES??? It’s made from Corn Starch. LOOK at this!

    Use paper bags OR biodegradable plastic bags for your garbage.

    We are PART of the earth — let’s DO our part to keep it beautiful and safe and CLEAN!!!

    We need to act NOW before it’s too late– One person picking up trash multiplied a million times over makes a HUGE difference! (I pick up floating plastic bags, tie em in knots so animals cannot get stuck in them, and THROW out these knotted plastic bags in the recycling bins)

    Got something you need to throw out but can’t find a garbage pail? KEEP IT WITH YOU until you do!!!

    Is your car belching fumes? Get it fixed. Keep your car tuned up– fix that catalytic converter. No stench, no fumes puleeze.

    Got an older model car or truck?? Find out about Water Injection systems — they make your car run cooler and cleaner and add a little extra gas mileage.

    Put a small garden on your balcony! Grow lavender — yum! What a smell! Grow Night scented stock –they release their scent after 6 pm — oh yum!! Grow veggies and try not to spray them with poison — go to Gardens Alive
    and find out about alternative biodegradable environment-friendly bug sprays and deterrents.

    Nothing make me sicker than to have to wait for a bus in an area that just had chemical turf builder liberally applied – that stinky dust gets everywhere and i cannot breathe!!!! That chemical lawn-application stuff can also kill pets and make asthmatics sick!!!

    I LOVE to grow dandelions– I don’t spray them – I eat the leaves, which are very healthy for you!!!

    Many "weeds" are actually helpful herbs and many of them are edible (please find out which ones are, and how to properly prepare them — BEFORE you eat em!!)

    I have four small maple trees that I grew from SEED on my balcony — and four little Gingko trees that I also grew from seed on my balcony — i gets pretty hot on my balcony so I made a barrier of camo netting (mesh is tiny — no birds can get hung up on it) to keep em cool — how nice it smells on my balcony!!!

    Remodeling your building or your house?

    Look into Green Building alternatives:

    Grow an ecologically helpful rooftop garden on your office building’s roof — it will help keep the roof cool and absorb extra water — look here:

    Find out what trees are native to YOUR area, buy them in bulk (with your landowner’s or community government’s approval) learn what you need to plant and maintain them, and have a neighborhood plant-in with a party!!!

    See? There is SO much we can do– and have FUN doing it– and we will be creating beauty, and fresher air!!

    Does all this make me feel better? YES– Who knows how long I will live on this earth — I want to leave it in GOOD condition — NOT trashed — when I go!!!!

    OH — and last but NOT least — get the kiddies involved!!!! When I was in kindergarten we had out own garden plots– what fun it was to plant a seed and watch it grow!!! That memory has stayed with me and I have always enjoyed planting flowers, seeds and trees and shrubs and watching them grow.

    PS– the only thing I have against Hybrid Vehicles is the fact tha most of them turn themselves off when you are at a stop light — I like to feel more in control than that– several times at a stop light I have had to go forward (I leave space in front of my car) becuz the person behind me is going too fast to stop in time — I have avoided rear end accidents to my car becuz I have been able to go forward a little in those cases.

  33. Right now…nothing seems to be helping me reach a better mental balance. Whether you live green or not…I don’t think it matters…but kudos for those who try!

  34. brokendownangel64

    Mental balance can come from many different forms and ways. If living a green life makes you feel better about yourself and giving yourself the satisfaction that you did your part to help the environment then go for it.

    People get mental balance in the fact that they are living life to the fullest. Others find it in religion and helping man kind some find it by their jobs as nurses, researchers, doctors ect…

    I do my part in living green by using compact florescent lights, driving less, growing plants indoors and out, recycling whatever someone else can use, air dry my clothes and I grow my own vegetables organically.

    But I get mental balance from my family and watching them grow into productive human beings.

  35. 'Oil Companies are evil'

    I think it will help you better mentaly because you will know you are not destrioying the environment.
    Getting solar panels is definately the best way to help the environment and it will make up for what you paid for it to power your whole house in less than 10 years.
    Also, buying a hybrid helps the environment and you don’t have to pay for gas.
    Recycling is good because it doesn’t just go to some dump taking up space for nature because it is reused.
    Also, eating less meat and more vegetables is good for the environment and your body.

  36. Sure it could, by recycling more, driving a hybrid, changing to an energy saving light bulb, having green funriture such as a bamboo chair, helps save the environment, and even though it doesn’t seem much, you should be glad, because you’re one of the people, and the other people are spreading the word to be greener. By being green and influencing others, can aim that goal for balance. It takes each step to get there.

  37. I think the hybrids sound/seem like a good idea. My problem lies with not knowing who are the people that will get the kick-back t his time. I think this subject could be at the heart of a huge & hotly debated political ploy. Interesting how the gas prices skyrocketed just after Bush endorsed specific hybrids.

  38. a better mental balance? hmmmmm. not really. here it is you’re doing your part and the next person is wasting their share and what could’ve, would’ve been your share.
    I’m a miser with electricity, water and gas (natural), yet I get billed as if I used a certain amount because a minimum has to charged.

    So, hypothetically if there was a Required Restraint on water, electric or gas I can proudly say that I have done my part in the past but I would feel that it’s unfair that "what I prevented using in the past is now being wasted".

  39. edward_church2000

    I think we can get our resources from what we use then to make some things that are polluting other areas that we are destroying to make land use. medications from plants are the best way to help people. keeping things you can recycle things that are bio gradable for the environment that we live in plastics that are not in bio form can be reused to make other products
    keeping nature and man animals safe

  40. Hybrid cars are foolishness, and the people that drive them tend to be sanctimonious twats that haven’t thought their decision through.

    Why have the added weight and combined imbedded energy costs of 2 drivetrain systems? A pure electric car could do the job better, still have the frictional energy recoup, have zero emissions, and wouldn’t require you to buy any gas, or be forced to refuel at a fixed location (as is the plan for hydrogen fuel cell cars).


  41. I believe that a person’s reality mirrors his actions and belief…in other words, you will be feeding your inner soul if you do good works…many Christians believe that good works do not get you into Heaven…I say, i don’t want to go to a heaven filled with selfish people. The point really is that if more people did more, it would be a better place. They don’t have to be perfect, just try: the world will gain.
    If everyone made a 10% ccommitment to a better place, the sum would be gigantic and people would see what they all have done and be motivated to strive even more in an upward spiral…this process is called "civilization". So does picking up a few cans along the road and recycling them matter? Yes because it trains a person and gives others an example of someone trying. I generally try to just live as "small" as I can, try to conserve energy, things I buy, and recycle….If all a person did was buy a so-called "green" car and did nothing elsewhere in their lives, they may just be putting on a show, but it is possible that they could eventually learn what the real important things are….maybe

  42. Being as close to nature is healthy, I believe we live in an unhealthy envirnment and it affects our mental and physical health. We are contaminated in our food, water and in every aspects of our life, so now we are realizing the importance of organic living.

  43. Everyone needs a purpose in life, and the need to feel that their life is worthwhile. Some people may find that in living a green lifestyle, some may find it in religion, some may find it in their family, some may find it in their jobs or hobbies. Some never find it.

    My thoughts on driving a hybrid vehicle is that it contributes nothing to a greener earth. Those batteries have to be recharged every day, and it takes electricity to recharge them–where do you suppose that electricity comes from?

  44. living a green lifestyle can definitely make you more spiritual. that will most certainly help you achieve a better mental balance.

  45. dances_with_unicorns1955

    I believe that any time you are back in touch with the natural world, you are doing something very important for your mental health. I don’t believe that most people are really built for living in a world of concrete and steel; if we were, I doubt that so very many of would take so much trouble to get out of the cities on the weekends, and go to the lake, skiing, hiking, and so on. This certainly seems to be a need that many of us share, and if we do not work to preserve our own personal favorite patch of the natural world, it won’t be long before it doesn’t exist any longer. Conversely, I believe when we DO actively work to preserve that special spot, or someone ELSE’S special treasure, that we know somewhere inside that we have done something fundamentally RIGHT, and I believe it contributes to our self-worth and self-esteem.

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