Charlie Green – Fly me to the moon (TNO Honolulu Hawaii) HQ

visit (Pinoy Apparel) Sarah Geronimo TNO concert in Honolulu Blaisdell Concert Hall. Sponsored by Underground Teez/Pinoy Breed. He is only 11 years old. The next Michael Buble? What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Charlie Green – Fly me to the moon (TNO Honolulu Hawaii) HQ”

  1. This young man is one of the best. I’m an old blue eyes fan from way back at least in the forties. Charlie is right up there with him.Hope I’m still around when he’s grown up.

  2. he realy is REALY good….i’m amazed..”in other words I love you” bad he is too small for me (age)..:)))))

  3. he lost to britain got talent because of the song he pick., if this is the song he sang definitely he won the competition. he is the next michael buble or frank sinatra

  4. i really like the cover of Michael Buble of this songs. really wanna make me wish to fly to the moon and sing forevermore
    btw. i also like green’s cover
    keep doing good music..

  5. he should have sang this in britain’s got talent semi finals. the judges hated the song he sang and it was a composition by his father’s friend..

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