Clean and Green …..House Cleaning and Maid service for Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon. Clean and Green is a special kind of company. We have created a unique program that provides tremendous value and benefits to our customers and exceptional opportunities for our employees. We believe when you keep employees happy,you keep customers happy. Clean and Green was created in 2006 after 15 years of previous experience in the service industry. We migrated from the dry desert, creating beautiful outdoor landscapes to the lush northwest creating a clean and green indoor experience. We love the pacific northwest and enjoy supporting the green while keeping it clean! Our business is very unique, We don’t just clean homes. We automate the “cleaning and greening” of your home. We clean and automate in an eco friendly manner,and regularly replace the products in your home that reduce or eliminate your toxic chemicals that go down your drains and wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems. Which saves you money and automates your part in being “green”. We are very passionate about doing our part to clean and green the planet and teaching others to do the same by means of automation. When searching for house cleaning service, Consider using the only company that contributes to the well being of our planet, our indoor environment,our health, and makes it convenient to do so! Why do business with Clean and Green? The more appropriate question is why do your part in assuring your reduction or complete elimination of environmental contaminants and contribute

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