Clean solar energy

Clean solar energy – 350MW in California desert. For more info see

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  1. @cpretartedmuch
    Why should I?
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  2. cpretartedmuch

    @CrystalYunixy wow u retard, all im suggesting is that we get off oil u idiot. god actrually read my fucking comment.

  3. @cpretartedmuch

    if you care about it so much,
    why are you useing computer?HUH?
    why do you even live?
    it would save couple thousands of birds if you killed yourself, because if you spen 24/7 on computer, YOU SUPPORT THIS!

  4. cpretartedmuch

    blowing up land for coal mining destroys many bird habitats which kill hundreds of billions of birds.

  5. cpretartedmuch

    one of the things I cant fucking stand is people saying shit like “Solar power isn’t efficient and would destroy the economy” or another comment about renewable energy such as “Wind energy kills thousands of birds a year”
    well guess what. hundreds of millions to billions of birds die every year from flying into class of buildings, solar power technology has been increasing in technical advances in a very fast pace and will become cheaper then oil sooner or later.
    oil wont last, renewables will.

  6. meadowsboy, I highly agree with you that this is our future. I remember when computers were first introduced the critics that said it would never catch on, that is was not suitable for the world. Now look….

    I am currently taking TTC Solar Training and hope to be part of this new generation. Let the others continue to think the way they do, they will just be left behind. Look at Germany right now, leader of solar energy!

  7. At least the first two plants shown are at Daggett, CA and run by PG&E. The middle one was built in 1978, called Solar One, during the Carter presidency. When Reagan was elected he terminated all these programs. Martin Marietta Aerospace built Solar One, had four such projects in the works, and killed them all, closing its heliostat plant in Pueblo. Solar One ran at 10 MW for 10 years, and then was decommissioned. It’s still there at 34.871848,-116.834321. Now Spain has largest mirror plant.

  8. however there comes another point, myself in Australia, i have been looking at implementing a system to completely substitute my power needs off Solar, again i havent looked at sourced panels directly from China, only local importers, etc. but i am looking at between the 22-28 000 mark. Where we our bill is around $1400 a year. I understand the price of electricity will be on teh increase, but keep in mind if it doesnt that is at least 15 years until i get a return on my investment

  9. it is about 4 years for PhotoValic cells, no idea on these that use oil to create steam and move turbines, but i do know that they are more efficient again, so obviously less than that

  10. im doing electrical engineering and renewabale energy degree, and tuttttttttt99 is pretty much correct, if also an ass 😉 the way i see it renewables cant power this overcrowded over indulgent world. but the sooner we develop the renewable technologies the better equipped we will be for the return of the dark ages, ya dig?

  11. wonderful..
    Only one comes with a electric bill..
    build your own solar power to power your house and stop paying the man…LOL

  12. Its all about conserving too at this point, we dont have efficient enough tech. Use less and bring the demand down, thus increasing relative supply

  13. We are going to have to deal with Nuclear waist eather way regaurdless! We are so behind the rest of the world and kidding ourselves, we need to bring back manufacturing job’s and we cant do that with expensive energy per KW hr! I would rather have a Nuclear plant then the entire Western landscape covered mirrors and stacks! nuclear technoligy has improved greatly! we have not yet to find a free energy nor will we anytime soon! but nuclear is the safest and cheapest per KW the facts dont lie!

  14. The ship could be covered in solar tile to keep the batteries charged on long voyages to markets that want electricity to power we-com infrastructure and cars.



  15. Could one export solar energy in large batteries … perhaps the size of a ship? One would lay cable to the sea from the desert and lay cable from the desert to where the energy is wanted/needed.



  16. No you don’t understand. 350 watts per square metre is *all the energy that there is*. Even the most efficient solar panels possible can only tap a fraction of that. My previous post was being generous on all counts and the average power was still less than 100 Watts per square meter

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  18. Not possible. solar energy flux is about 350 watts per square metre. But I’ll be generous and grant you 1 KW per m^2. I’ll also be generous and give you a 40% conversion efficiency. Down to 400 watts already. But the sun is behind the earth at night, and is not always overhead during the day. I’ll be generous and grant you a 20% “capacity” factor to account for when the sun doesn’t shine.

    1000 W x 0.4 x 0.2 = 80 W average power

    or about 1 light bulb .

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